New coach and Quarterback required

Sicandtired you need to get your head checked. A team's record does not fall flat on a QB. And starting a rookie third string QB is different than playing him in preseason. He would get squashed in the regular season. Learn a bit about football before you post your silly jokes on these boards.

Burris Is Fine, Cortez Is Blind, We Need A Oline!.. hey that rhymes. and pretty much somes up todays game. and season.

Burris is having a great season. The offense is allowed to have an off-night once in a while. You shouldn’t need to score 30+ points every game to win. To put it in perspective, with BC’s defense, you’d have won last night’s game in a cakewalk.

How about we fix our defense and O-line first and then look at Burris? This game was lost because Montreal put up 140 yards of rushing to our 60. Oh, and again we are last in the league in sacks


Coach is OK, but it's now twice when he should have thrown the challenge flag and it cost us big-time
Trapped catch, ruled complete, yet replay showed it clearly incomplete.

Smiling Hank placed the blame in the loss against Winnipeg squarely on his own shoulders and his 3 fumbles. In practice he bet the team that they couldn't get the ball away from him, and they never did.. Ergo, he learned from his mistakes.

It was a remarkably low scoring game given the 2 high power offences.. Only 2 times did I see the defensive secondary suckered and be way out of position. Cavillo didn't miss that, but he did miss other players being open