New coach and Quarterback required

Let's start with the head coach. Two games blown without using a winning challenge. Enough said.

Now Burris. Simply put, the most unprofessional quarterback I have ever seen.
Earlier in the year, he had a passed blocked. Was caught by a offensive lineman, who fumbled after the whistle to Burris. He proceeded to advance to a defensive lineman and do a little dance with him and then smile and pat him on the head. Did I mention that we were trailing by over 2 touchdowns at the time, and were late in the last quarter. He epitomizes what make the CFL look bushleague.
Last week he single handedly handed the other team the game.
Tonight against Montreal, he did nothing. Oh, sorry. I forgot the turtle moves especially when the goaline is in sight. Someone needs to tell him, he is not one of the elite quarterbacks in this league, and needs to put his head down and get every inch he can. If he get hurt, no problem, we will send in a another who will probably be a lot better. At the start of the year, based on the preseason, I would have released Porter, who has had enough chances, and started the third string quarterback who showed well, and use Burris as a backup. Burris seems to blame everyone else except himself for his misplays, based on his smile and attitude. I would love to see him actually get mad at himself when he makes obvious mistakes.
With him as quarterback, we will be lucky to make the playoffs let alone get to the GreyCup. Just another dissapointing year. Our owner and fans deserve a lot better.
While I'm ranting, lets mention that until last weeks game, with all the talented speed in receivers we have we very rarely threw down the field. Last week however in rainy conditions we throw downfield twice real early. Both failed. Playcalling is just not there. If we need ten yards, we throw for two, and get three. So depressing. I am almost ready after fifty plus years, to become an Argo (did I really say that) fan. At least they are exciting. If it wasn't for Chris Williams, we would not be in any game.

Thanks for listening. I will feel better until the next game. Please comment, I would love to hear them.

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The Huffer recognized this in Calgary and relegated Burris to number two. Sadly he is on the decline and we took a chance on him. The turtle move was probably called for, there was no way he was getting in the end zone. Sadly though he made throws that were up for grabs often. He was lucky he only gave up one interception.

BUrris has had ups and downs this year, the ups being more than the downs.

BUT, would you really want Kevin Glenn back?

No, Burris still gives us the best chance of winning, though I wish some of our offensive players could play defence

Burris has been great.....leading the league in td passes....qb efficiency....points for......he's having an MVP year, and he is the reason we are losing close games and not being blown out......

That’s why we are 3 and 5. Seems like more downs that ups. Don’t want Kevin Glenn, want our third string quarterback.

Burris's record is 3 and 5. Yes he has had some good games, but that's not enough. A first string quarterback must be consistant. Losing 2, winning 3, and then losing 3 is not consistant.

I call TROLL!

In our 5 losses, only the first game was truly on the offense. In every other loss, the offense has done enough to win and put our defense in situations that with 1 or 2 stops, we win those games.

I will guarantee you that any of the elite quarterbacks in our league, even 40 year old Anthony would have at least tried to get the first down, or in the endzone. Buris's choice is no way to be a team leader. There are many instances of missed tackles. If you don't at least try, will never know.

Burris is elite. He is 2 years out from MOP.

You put AC, Ray, Lulay anyone back there and the issues still are there.............THE DEFENSE.

Our offense does enough to win. We have been close in every game except the first one.

Dude's a leader. I don't know what you are watchin.

We need Kevin Glenn. He is a great defender.

He will pressure the opposing QB, create turnovers, and catch sure interceptions. He will even throw a challenge flag or two.

And did I mention his run blocking...


Are you watching the game. Last week, Burris carlessly relaxes crossing the goal line, and loses a sure touchdown. If memory serves, and somtime at my age it doesn't, he threw another two intercetions. Granted he has had some good game, but his bad on (more) are killing us, and keeping our weak defense on the field to long.

If you watched last week Burris single handedly lost the game. Losses ball crossing the goal line, and interceptions. Those close losses should have been blowout by us if he was even half the quarterback he thinks he is. Stop grinin like an idiot when you make mistakes, show some intensity, and start being a leader.

In most of those losses, the offence had many opportunities to put it away early. What they did do was put our agreed weak defense on the field way to much. One way of helping the defense is for the offence to control the the ball and not take a lot of 2 and outs. Did you not watch the last game where Burris carlessly lost the ball crossing the goaling, and the threw at least two interceptions as well. I don't put that one on the defence.

Gotta agree here. As bad as the defense has been, the offense could have, and should have, put away the last two games.

We had the lead in the fourth quarter last week. Even with all the turnovers, we were still tied at 25 with a few minutes to go.

Our defense makes 1 measley stand and we have a chance to drive for a winning field goal.

Tonite, even with our offense putting up 22 points + 7 from Chris Williams, we were leading with 82 seconds left and Montreal started on their own 35.

Does Burris have his faults? Yes. But he is an elite QB. He’s at the top of all statistical categories for QBs.

Throw out the first 57 minutes last week and 59 minutes this week and all we need is a measley stop.

We let a rookie QB take his team down the field on us and a 40 year old run 20 yards right up the gut on us.

You are a joke and troll. You really need to be watching these games more closely.

Burris is the best option that we have and he’s a huge upgrade over Glenn.

I totally 100% agree that we should have put the game away last week. There is no denying that.

The issue is that even with a terrible game, Burris put us in position to win last week. Were we not leading in the 4th quarter? Did we not have a tied game with a few minutes left? The game should have already been sealed but it wasn't.

I am not asking for miracles but your defense needs to step up and make somethings happen when you need it most. We get run and thrown on way to much late in games.

Burris has his issues but he is not the problem here and neither is the head coach and oc.

The issue is either the players on D or the co-ordinator. I feel that it's the players.

I admit that Burris did not have a stellar game. But fair dues...the O line was especially bad tonight. Absolutely no holes for a running game (watching Cobourne tonight was like watching him last good hole and amazing run...then nada). And Burris was under constant pressure. Even when he tried to move up through the pocket, the pocket collapsed before he could get to the line. And don't even talk to me about Dile. Okay...he's new. But he's making major mistakes each game.

While I don't think firing Cortez or Creehan is a smart move I do expect them to smarten up. The lack of focus from Cortez (challenge??? what's that?) and the lack of consistency from Creehan (I'll call one blitz on AC in the first Q, then go back to the same old crap for the rest of the game) is a major reason why this team lost.....again. Once again a quarterback has been allowed to get comfortable in the pocket. And yeah...sure we did get pressure on him...but to allow a 40 year old QB who by no means is fleet footed to run twice for first downs, one run of 17 yards....pathetic.

I concur

Burris isn’t an elite QB anymore but he’s not the reason for being 3-5. This D is sub-par and the whole team pays for it in losses. Obie misjudged the quality of his D-linemen and didn’t recruit well. If the D was better, Burris’s record would be better too although at this stage of his career, Burris would be better as a backup. Obie needed to get a true #1 QB like Ray and he didn’t do that either.

An Argo-Cat fan

Check your stats…Burris > Ray

Burris is at the top of all major categories for QBs.

Also, Ray ain’t lighting up the CFL the last time I looked. If it wasn’t for the Argo defense, they could easily be 2-5 or worse.