New coach and/or new coaches?

maybe its time for Wally to move on? and or get some coaches that know something about putting more excitement back into football. Start fresh,

Wally did not get to be one of the winningest coaches of all time by being a bad coach. I don’t think that you lose your coaching ability overnight. I don’t like his arrogance but that is mostly because he is successful and not coaching us. I think you should stick with him. Be thankful that you don’t have someone like Berry.

And who would be his replacement? I can't think of anyone better and he will be after the "Don's" record next year. But they might want to start thinking about grooming someone else for the future. Wally won't be coaching forever.

here's my beef with the coaching for that game.. when you are on the one trying for a touchdown.. why are you bringing the ball back to the 4 and then handing it off to a stationary player?

how do you get 400 yards of offense and not one touchdown

that game should have been a blowout by the half


Really well maybe you should be careful what you wish for. Toronto won the Grey Cup in 2004 and now were are they? One of the worst teams in the league. Edmonton won the Grey Cup in '05, and has missed the playoffs two of the last three years with the same Head Coach. Saskatchewen won it last year and after a wonderful start they started to struggle like a Vic Rapp team in the second half. Finding out they don't have a starting QB. Calgary for years until now struggle after Wally left.

You keep telling us that we are a boring football team and this team hasn't been that way since Vic Rapp?

Tell us who are we going to replace Wally with that kind of record in the last 6 years.

Hey riffrocker, do you know any coach or former cfl coach who has a record or better in the last 6 years?

Excuse me but it seems that everytime I watched a game on TSN all they kept mentioning was that Wally is closing in on being the “most winning coach in the CFL”!!!

So you want to fire the guy!!! Give me a break.


Yes and look what happened when Don Mathews Got Fired in 1987, the team was never the same until Wally came Here the problem was with Don Mathews is he wanted to become gm and coach and The team said no. so he put up a stink about it and Joe Gallet ( gm at the time fired him). the lions never recovered from that. until Wally got here , yes i know that Wally is not the most consistent coach of winning us grey cups. but who is in this league , what coach in this league that you can name would you rather have to win us 2-3 grey cups in a row , or have a shot to get there every year buy winning the west.

I can not think of one that is guaranteed that is going to get us to the western final for five straight years besides Wally. and unless you get to the western final you are not going to get to the grey cup and win it.We are very lucky to have him. i think what went wrong this year was motivation form the team it self, this team has to many veterans on it and the changes that are going to be made this year and believe me when i say this are going to be the for the best for next year, yes i agree with the OC coach should gone and he will, because that goal line stand is inexcusable, at any league. that write there the OC coach should be gone , i think also the defensive coordinator will be gone too, and we will get the right people in the right place this year i guarantee it. Because i even heard Wally said yesterday that the players did not lose this game it was the coaching. so right there it is said that we will be better next year Wally is always going to find the right players to play for him, and that is his job to find those players. The only thing is, is to get everybody on the same page including his assistant coaches, and that is going to be the big question next year is that going to happen.

I say yes it is , and us fans are going to see a team next year that will blow you away with excitement, fun and most important winning, and i say at this time next year the lions will be holding the grey cup over there heads in Calgary.

Strikes me as odd that anyone can call a team that has Stefan Logan at running back not exciting. That kid's worth the price of the ticket all by himself.

Exacally , I forgot about him, he is going to have a unbalivable year next year i guaranntee it.

I say 1,500 yards rushing and 15 touchdowns. and maybe MVP.

Wally stays, no doubt about it. What we need is a new OC, Chap ball just doesn't cut it.

Dupsdell jumps back on the lions bangwagon :rockin:

I never liked Chapdelaine. Wally can can him anytime.

Good reply Sportsman.... I know we have both had posts on JC before with the same opinion.

This decade, BC has some of the best offensive talent but never a star offensive coordinator. Buretto and Chapdelaine are the closest to being stars. Buono is one of the best coaches in CFL history, but his assistants need improvement.

I would love George Cortez to be reunited with Wally in BC, but there is no way Calgary will let him go.

I've Never Forgiven Him For Dropping That Catch In Grey Cup 83! :thdn:

That is pure Chapdelaine, exactly the same crap he pulled in 07 with the Eskies, and we're stupid enough to bring him back... :roll: