New club seats ready for 2009 season

well what an unwelcome surprise i got in the mail turns out my previously silver seats are being turned into club seats.If I wish to keep my seat which used to cost $275, I will now have to fork over $1,000 per seat. Fantastic, the economy is tanking and they expect me to shell out a ton of money...the least they could have done was give us people who are getting screwed a deal. Maybe half price for the new seats for this first season. Oh well guess i will have to watch the games on TV now instead. The ride with the Lions has been fun, but I guess this is the end for me

What A GREAT Idea! We May Purchase Them Ourselves! :cowboy:

[b]There Are Plenty Of SILVER Seats On The Other Side Of The Stadium.

These CLUB SEATS Are Long Overdue[/b] :thup:

This move is long overdue and should serve as a template for other CFL teams looking to greatly increase their revenues from the stadium (something paramount to the success of any CFL team). The club seats along with the new lounges and restaurants will not only greatly increase revenues, but also draw more fans to the stadium who are used to the modern amenities available at all NHL arenas.

Totally agree and I don't think the Lions are going to have any trouble selling th 1,000 club seats either. $100 dollars a game to have beverage service at your seat an access to an exclusive lounge is pretty reasonable as well, given Canuck club seats go for $240.

Was at the provincial high school games last night and heavy construction currently underway in that area. :rockin:

Until the food improves at BC Place, they can offer to serve Food / drinks in Bikini clad Centre fold models, and I wont pay the premium. I'll keep my season tickets right where they are thank you.

I too received the lovely letter informing me that my Gold seats regularly priced at $400 per season, per seat, are now going to cost me $1,000 – each! I cannot afford – nor would I want to – pay that much for season tickets. I love going to Lions games and I have been a season ticket holder probably for close to half of my life. However, given that I am essentially being forced to relocate, I find myself reconsidering my decision to be a Lions season ticket holder.

I love my seats. I love the atmosphere in my section; I like being able to see the same people season after season in my section – almost like a psedo-Lions family; I love my vantage point; I love the amenities available on the concourse of my section (which was part of the reason I chose the seats I did many years ago).

I understand from other posts that some people view the Club Seats as a positive move. While I am all for the Lions generating additional revenue and enhancing the game experience for the affluent few who can afford to pay $1,000 per year to enjoy the luxuries offered in Club Seating, I’m guessing the majority of Lions fans can not.

While I realize that the renovations to BC Place were out of the Lions hands, the way the season ticket situation was handled was not. Personally, I would have appreciated having the opportunity to have had input into developing a plan for season ticket holders effected by the renovations. I would have liked to have been able to participate in the process of developing a fair and equitable way to handle this situation.

Since I received my letter, I have had the opportunity to talk to my account manager as well as Mr.Chayka, both of whom were very approachable and seemed genuine and sympathetic re my concerns. Both parties indicated they would make every effort to assist me in relocating my seats.

That been said, the fact remains that the Club Seat locations have the potential to displace many loyal, long-time season ticket holders.

Perhaps I am in the minority in that I feel a little jaded with what has gone on.

Lionsfans007, I don't think you are in the minority. I talked to my son, who's company has several season tickets around BC Place to give out to customers. He was saying that they were fortunate enough not to be affected by this. He was saying there is no way his company would buy into this extra charge. Most people go to the game to watch football. I don't get the benefits of paying someone to bring me beverages and eating cold BC Place food. Makes no sense to me.

I think there will be a lot of empty seats in this section.

Orrr you could do what I’m doing since I’m in the same boat, take different seats in that section! Move down a few rows. Its not the end of the world and they’re not making you buy club seats.

Well, someone could always take my seats!!! I am not renewing my seasons tix this year, nothing to do with the team... it is just that my daughter is going to university in Saskatoon, and she was my football buddy. However I will be renewing when she moves back to Vancouver. So this year will probably just pick up a ticket to some of the games. (in case your interested I was in section 38 row V seats 5&6.)