New City of Champions!

Vancouver! A Grey cup win and now a Memorial Cup win!

Applause Vancouver! :wink:

Was pulling for the Tigers but congrats to the Giants.

By the way, my memory is failing a little. How many Stanley Cups have the Canucks won?

Winnipeg has won 3 stanley cups.
And it turns out that Vancouver did win the Stanley Cup.
Read all about it here.

Ouch you are an oiler fan in sheeps clothing! :lol:

I was scared to read this post. I thought rw05 would have some new

Millionaires not Canucks.

Tempting very tempting.

One other thing to consider here, who has the better chance at winning a Stanley Cup in the near future-Vancouver or Edmonton?

Until they do it, at least once; they haven't done it.

One thing some here forget in regards to the stanley cup ; it's still only hockey. So who cares how many whoever has won.

No doubt Vancouver is the new city of champions with recent championships won in soccer, hockey and football.