New Cheerleader Outfits

What's everyone's take on the new outfits?

Any pics?

who cares about the new outfits...they still aren't 'cheerleaders'...they should be called a dance team because that is exactly what they those are cheerleaders

Do they not lead cheers on the sidelines?????

Anyways, I believe the question was if you like the uniforms. Let's not be mean and try to knock these ladies who are working hard to keep the audience entertained and leading the cheers for their team.

They better then the last ones.
But I still Like Montreal Out fits Better.

They looked great. They danced great. They are the best team on the field!!

Lesley Stewart for coach of the year!

they r way better then before

last year the were wearing those leather suits that covered their whole bodies.... and their cheerleaders!

I thought they looked great, what I saw on the tv anyway! Never liked the leather bondage type outfit!

Are they still called "Golden Girls?"

These ones

Nope "Golden Girls" were the lovely lasses of the mid 80's my time. We wore the Gold Lame Outfits with the cute white skirts and had the Golden PomPoms with white boots.
Our main sponser was Molson Golden, Istill have my patch from my uniform garment bag. They were great.
And don't for get guys that year 1985, we went 0 and 6 and finished first and went to the Grey Cup !!!!

I think they looked great and credit them with adding to the game day experience.

This is Cheerleader outfit .

Our new Costume is better but we have long way to go to beat the Al’s Cheerleaders…


Montreal women are in a league of their own.

Ask Russ. I am guessing that's why he moved there.



Plus the city is outstanding for quality of life aspects and its sheer esthetic beauty, guys.

True But then Again I think The Montreal Outfits Look Better

Those gals could make a burka look sexy.

I can't wait to go back to Montreal
Come on Train trip here I come

I don’t care as long as they don’t bring in the male cheerleaders. First it was Edmonton now Saskatchewan has them, if they ever come to Hamilton I’m gone.

Hmm, except Hamilton pioneered male cheerleaders.

Pigskin Pete has been the primary cheerleader for the Tiger-Cats for the last, what? 80 years or so?