New Chargers helmet

I love football helmets, plain and simple. Always have, and probably always will.

Apparently the Chargers have a new one for 2007 … I think it looks really good (I also love white helmets in particular … )

Definitely an improvement on the old (dark navy) shell.

That's a throwback to what they used to wear, back when they had light blue jerseys; I agree it's better.

What do you think of the Milwaukee BeerBarons Helmut?

I love the idea of a mug of beer on a helmet :smiley:

Anyway, the SD helmet is a throwback (another feature I love in uniforms/helmets), but with a few differences ... the facemask is blue, not grey; the lightning bolt is a bit thicker, I think; and there's no number on the side of the helmet.

All according to this page, anyway ...

Neat looking helmet for sure. There is something cool about football helmets for sure. Maybe hockey should change to these helmets, wouldn't be as many head injuries with the chin strap tightened. Hockey players get hit very hard and yet wear flimsy looking helmets that are hardly on their head, doesn't make an ounce of sense to me.

I liked the old helmet. The logo showed up better on the blue background.

I wish they were changing their regular home uniform to the light blue jersey as well...I like the new helmet but they should have put the number on one side (Man I love oldschool unis)

These helmets will forever be known as the Chargers Superbowl Victory Helmets

Wait, they're still using the dark navy jerseys, but with the white helmet?

That won't look nearly as good as the powder blue jerseys.

I cant help but notice you referred to the helmet as a white helmet, and not its true name The Chargers Superbowl Victory Helmet.

Next time please be more considerate of the issue at hand , thank you

Oh, sorry, my bad ...

They're still wearing the navy jerseys, but with The Chargers Superbowl Victory Helmet? That won't look nearly as good as it would with the powder blue jerseys.


Looks like Philly will be wearing a throwback helmet for one game this year - here's the link:

[url=] ... fceast.htm[/url]

It's supposed to resemble what they wore in 1933.

Personally, I think it's ugly :stuck_out_tongue: But what can you expect from 1933!