New Challange Rules

I think the coaches should be able to challenge penalties because alot of turning points for some games were because of poor Ref calls.

I'm not blaming the Refs but sometimes they'll make a bad call that could cost a team the game, and the coaches should be able to point that out and change the outcome.

EDIT: Plus without being able to challenge a penalty it's easier for a game to be rigged.


You should be able to challenge one penalty, and you dont have to change the number of challenges a coach can make.

no way--- Challenging penalties open a new can of worms..... refs should be able to be good enough to make the call with a conference with the other officials on the field to get it right.

yeah , they have been getting the calls right all season long... :roll:

you cant have the teams controlling the refs; the refs have to be accountable on their own. I am the one who has been repeatedly saying the reffing has been terrible this year., that being said where does the challenges end? you want 1 penatly challenge? one other challenge? how about 5 of each? Penalties should never be challenged even if wrong. I just believe the officials have a team out there to get it right too; maybe a booth review of a penatly but NEVER from teams.

It would delay the game too much, as it is now the refs huddle up and discuss for a minute or so before they make a call. Just think if they knew all their calls were reviewavle, it would take forever.

no, prolly cause to much trouble :wink:

This is so unusual, Sambo.
Three threads, Taffe, format and penalty challenges, and I'm agin you in all 3.
Who'd a thunk it?

Actually, aren't you for changes to the rouge?
4 for 4.

It'll never happen again..............

Challenges to penalities should not be allowed. If they allow challenges to penalities, then they might as well allow challenges on plays.

Because if you can challenge a flag, you would argue you should be able to challenge why one wasn't thrown. It would never end. Yes, the refs have been perfect, yes players will attempt to do anything to get a step up on the opposition, but it is football, played by real people. Let them play.

Good points Mike! Also, how can you challenge judgement? Lets look at Pass Intereference. A DB has his hand "resting" on a receivers back. One official judges it has an effect while another official on-field judges it doesn't. They confer and let the penalty stay as called. A coach challenges it. What makes the Referee's judgement any better than the two officials downfield.

No, lets leave penalty calls alone!

I don't understand how allowing challenges on penalties would slow the game down. No one is suggesting an increase in the number of challenges. If you challenge a penalty and you are wrong, then you lose your ability to challenge an incomplete pass later on.

You'd probably find that if it were reviewable, very few would actually do it, preferring instead to hold that challenge for later when it may make more of a difference.

HOWEVER, coaches would be able to throw the challenge flag on questionable penalties, have the ref explain the reason for the penalty, and withdraw it later. This would make refs accountable to both teams. As it is now a coach who attempts this would get a delay of game penalty.

unfortunately some calls have to be left at the discretion of the refs....right or wrong they eventually even-out....just remember the ref. in the commercial who says something like this...

..." i have made an error on a penalty call with regard to the home team....i however will call a penalty on the other team, for no good reason in the second half, to even things out".....

sometimes i believe this is whats really going on.....silly me..... :roll: :lol:

oh more game interrupting challenges please....aren't the commercials enough....

Well I couldn't agree more with Big Dave. It wouldn't be delaying the game anymore then regular challenges. You'd still have the challenge limit and if you're wrong penalized for the challenge (like always). The refing has been good this year, but if they make a mistake why shouldn't we have a chance to correct it? Even if you listen to Matt Dunigen and everyone covering the game on TSN you can tell that there are some bad calls.

It just expands the coaches possiblities of stoping a bad call. It could make a huge difference.

You’re right. I agree. But sometimes I think the same towards the refs…Just let them play! Sometimes I feel the refs take over the game, and just go flag crazy.

I'm am not directing this at you Ryooon but it's funny how many people say "Let them play" and then complain about non-calls that hurt their team....
Ya cant have it both ways.

How about instead of making all these stupid changes to the game, the CFL sinks more money into improving thier officials. Take a look at any other professional sport and the officials who work the league are full time employees, unlike the CFL where the officials work full time jobs on the side. I friend of a friend used to be a CFL official, and at the time he said he was paid $300/game. Now I really have no idea what the going rate for a CFL official is these days, but I can tell you that officials in every other professional sport make WAY more money than that. If all your willing to pay is $300 for someone to officiate a professional sports event, you can't really expect much more than a $300 effort.
Now I'm not saying that the league should just pay its refs more, but they should also spend more money on educating, recruting new officials, and fitness. Being an elite level hockey official myself, I can tell you from experience that good quality officials improve the game as a whole.