New CFLHorsemen Podcast

One of the most colourful characters in the CFL, Nik Lewis, came by the basement to do a great interview. He talks about the Hebert hit (surprising perspective), Quincy Butler, his weight, his best hits, Chad Johnson's coming to the CFL, and many other great topics.

If you love the CFL, it is worth a listen.

Do you have to post this in every forum? Wouldn't just once, on the main CFL forum, suffice?

I suspect that there are many CFL fans who just visit the forum of their favourite team. I thought I would best serve CFL fans to take the trouble to post it in many places. It is easy to tell for someone like you that it is a thread that you have already seen and just move past it. I didn't give different titles on each forum or anything.

Welcome here any time. I enjoy the podcast and your post is useful.

Thanks for the support.


Do you have a link to a REDBLACK fan forum?

No I don't, but if you know of one, I'd love to have it.