New CFL website

If you have not visited the site lately, has launched a new look to their website which is similar to I like the look a lot.


What's important, to me, on any website is the content, not the look. This new look site for the CFL appears to be like the do-over of, earlier in the year, in that the content is lacking. For example, prior to this change, stats were readily available for several previous seasons. The only stats I can find now, with the new look, are for 2015. On a positive note, though, I must say the new logo is more acceptable, and understandable, when displayed on the black background with the word "FOOTBALL" right beside it.

I agree. Nice look (so what?), less content (bad).

If you read the article about the changes to the website (What We're Made Of) you'll discover that it is still a work in progress and there will be more features added over the coming weeks. There is also a link to provide feedback for those who may have suggestions and questions.

My only issue is that I tried to add an avatar to my profile but it didn't appear - and that was after having to hit s a few links to actually get to my profile where I could edit. That may be an issue that is resolved in the near future.

I also read that the team websites were to also have makeovers but the Ticats site already had theirs earlier in the year so I hope they leave well enough alone!

The league's promise seems to be that today's "less" will become tomorrow's or, at least hopefully, February's "more:"

[url=] ... 9/TextView[/url]

(missing from the linked online version of this article are its final few words -- " .... but could finally be on the verge of becoming a reality.")

Sounds like a more robust stats feature is coming our way soon.

CFL to enter 21st century, ramp up online statistics database

This should be good. I always thought the existing stats capabilities were marginal at best.

My major complaint about the Ticats site is that there is no link to provide the latest news articles. Getting the latest news is one of the three reasons I go to the site, the others being to check the roster and get the depth charts for the games. I don't always want to see videos; I'd rather read the news, skimming or even skipping parts, video doesn't lend itself to that. And I don't like scanning around the images to try to find the articles in amongst all the (mostly) videos.

Good to see that the CFL site has this link.