New CFL Uniforms

Am I the only one who does not think the new unis are so wonderful. I keep hearing how smart they look. The CFL has had great unis. I was at a BC Calgary game and saw two older gentlemen walk up the aisle in uniforms, one a BC fan, and one a Calgary fan. With their scrawny shoulders, oversized shorts and the piping around the shoulders of the shirt, they both reminded me of choir robes. And what's with the new Ticat logo? It looks like a very poor knockoff of their old one. Just because we have a name brand supplier, doesn't mean its good. I much prefer our old uniforms.

Lions will be wearing their third jerseys for the game against the Ticats. I think they look sharp and can't wait to see them in the game.

Good for a third jersey. The Helmet with the old paw looks awesome

yeah everything looks awesome! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

where do i find a pick of the new Jerseys ?
plz reply Soon

What's the rush??? Couldn't you wait 3 more days 'til they have that huge 3 hours unveiling ceremony? TSN will be there, so will the Felions (Lions dance team) and 30K+ fans. Not sure about the TiCats though.

In the event that you can't go on until then, I found 1 pick here: (it's somewhere in the middle of the thread)

[url=] ... 5175#75175[/url]

not only do the lions have new jerseys we are 7-0 and are playing the Ti-cats all i gotta say is we will look great and we are going to win cuz the lions dont lose to anyone we played our second string Quarterback who hasnt played a game all season and he played one of the best defences in the CFL and now we have to Danny Mc who is way over his time.The lions are easily the better cat