**New CFL TV Deal, $2 Million Each Team, no more CBC?

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Globemedia's deal, which includes Internet and mobile phone rights, is speculated to be worth $16-million a year, [b]$2-million annually for each team.[/b]

Globemedia could sell a portion of its games to the CBC, but the betting is the Grey Cup will be unavailable. The Cup is the prize, after all, and CTV would probably want to keep it.

"The feeling is the Grey Cup could draw a million extra viewers if it was on CTV," said a source.

i thought the league deserved atleast $20 million...oh well, maybe by the next tv deal we'll have ottawa and halifax and get $25 million?

no more CBC?

does this $2 million per team get the ticats a profit, as thats half thier salery cap right there?

TSN has great coverage and has backed the CFL in a very professional way. I’m glad they will soon show all the games. CBC commentators (especially Mark Lee) are so pro-Argos. That ruins games on CBC for me sometimes.

While I do not want to see CBC not broadcasting any CFL games, I must say for the most part TSN treats our game like it matters.

Professional coverage and commentary are common place at games covered by TSN. With the exception that they don't televise our national anthem's being sung at games. I hope everyone is writing TSN letting them know that's one element of the broadcast they should consider adding.

If this means more exposure for the CFL, and it reaching a wider audience then it's time to change.

Plus $2 mill per team will definitely help the bottom line.


Is the deal worth 16 million? Because I doubt it gets evenly spread with out the League (CFL) receiving some sort of revenue from this deal.

We should remember that during the CFL's dark days, without the CBC there wouldn't be any coverage. So next time you are standing in line at Tim's, thank the people around you for subsidizing our beloved game.

Having said that, the sooner the CBC is scrapped, the sooner some common sense will be restored in our nation.

Plus, a billion dollars a year would buy a lot of MRIs and other necessary things rather than state funded media.

I Agree .
I like help with Homeless and Feed The Poor

I am glad to see the TV rights are rumoured to be significantly higher than the previous deal but as an outsider I still would have some questions/concerns.

The Globe article also states the rumoured deal also includes INTERNET & MOBLE PHONE rights. If this is the case then maybe more money should be asked for since they are both high growth areas.

Is a 5-year deal best suited for the CFL? Would the agreement end in 2011 (2007 start) or 2012 (2008 start) because there could be potentially 2 more teams in the league by then meaning a more attractive property for advertisers.

i agree...shoulda been a 3 year deal at most.

We should remember that during the CFL's dark days, without the CBC there wouldn't be any coverage. So next time you are standing in line at Tim's, thank the people around you for subsidizing our beloved game.
the cbc did not keep the cfl alive the us teams did with the three million they put up per team and the nfl loan to the cfl cbc used the cfl shame on them tsn bailed out the cfl and thats why we are where we are today cbc hurt the league the took advantage of it.

I just hope Walby wont be going over to CTV. After all, it's him and Lee that ruined the games on CBC for me.

The camera work on CBC for the most part wasn't that bad. But the commentators and allowing the play to start before the commercials were don really bugged me.

Probably not. It's not as if teams will have an extra $2 million sitting around. How much does each team get from the current TV deal?

Prior to the two hundred channel universe we have today, the CBC brought the CFL to many households in
Canada that wouldn't have been exposed to it otherwise.

With the advent of TSN and competition, the necessity to subsidize broadcasts with tax payers' dollars disappeared. I'm willing to bet that the money the CBC payed for broadcast rights over the past thirty years or so was over-inflated, basically a hidden government subsidy. We don't have to feel guilty though, our tax dollars subsidize far more self-indulgent entertainment avenues than professional football.

That being said, we now live in a land of satellite television, multi-channel sports stations, and the need for tax payer media is gone. One day, Canadian democracy may return to it's original roots of accountability, effectiveness, and limited influence, but we're not there yet.

I believe with the 'over-americanization' of current forms of mass media it is imperative to have Canadian broadcasting. CBC is an institution that I feel must remain alive. And you might say 'well we have tsn, ctv, citytv, channel 12' but how much of their programming is distinctly Canadian? Not much. You might not like the programming on the channel but it is important to have Canadian programming.

Players’ salaries are only one part of the total team budget. I think I’ve read elsewhere that the the total budget, per team, is like 8 or 9 million. This figure also includes travel, equipment, and non player salaries.

How Canadian are shows like The Simpsons and Coronation Street? Yet, those get high ratings on the network. It seems the most popular Canadian programs are not on the CBC (Corner Gas, Trailer Park Boys).

Not too long ago there were many places in the country that didn't have access to any other television but the CBC. We are there no longer.

If the CBC were a national version of TVO, then I could understand spending money on it. Spend money enlightening Canadians on our history, culture, and even minor sporting events and I believe we'd be better off.

The main problem with the network is its news department. It's impossible to report any news story objectively. What we are left with is tax-payer funded biased news reporting with a definite hidden agenda: keep the Liberals in power.

The real threat the CBC faces is the chance of losing Hockey Night in Canada. If that happens, matched with a Conservative majority, the lights will finally go out on the socialist propaganda sink hole.

Nicely said Ockham.

Do you all really think the CFL BOG will vote against including the CBC in the future?
The lobbying of teams will be well underway by CBC to make sure they are included which is fine with me.
Most of our problem is that TSN/CTV doesn't televise the playoffs and Grey Cup which makes for an inferior product we are stuck with and thats a wrong move by the BOG .
ps...the BOG do vote on these proposals.

it'll be best for ratings if:

TSN thursday nite
CTV fridaynite football ( more homes get CTV than TSN )
CBC saturday ( more homes then TSN )
TSN sunday

  • broadcast friday nite games live from the stadium...have the TSN/CTV boys do thier pre-game show from the stadium, with fans in the backround...then go live to the field early for player intros and the accompaning fireworks....would make for great 'big game' atmosphere.

The BOG will entertain any bids and continue to do so in the future - they would be stupid not to.

CBC had a monopoly on sports for a long time, and has not adjusted to the reality of the past 20+ years (yes, TWENTY... since the dedicated sports networks arrived on the scene). In fact they've gone backwards by cutting their sports budget and staff.

Better TV coverage is in the best interest of the league. If TSN/CTV can provide that, I think their offer is more than fair.

re okham wrote-, the lights will finally go out on the socialist propaganda sink hole.
its still burning bright at queens park, 25% anybody ? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$