New CFL Trophy

To honour the hard working assistant coaches around the league , the CFL should do a new trophy-- the Joe Faragalli trophy-- awarded to the best assistant coach in the CFL. A good idea or not?


Why not??

It would be tough to measure...If the media chose, what would the criteria be???

A noble idea.....but would be tough to implement

I agree with Sportsman

Like the coach of the year isnt tough to measure??

The coach is in the spotlight and more visible

Oh? Our offensive coordinator was crucified last year , and now he is somewere else. Assistant coaches are very visible, especially when it comes to speculating which one of them becomes a head coach somewhere. Just for the sake or arguement, who the best assistant coach last year? I would have picked either Kent Austin(who did an outstanding job with Damon Allen) or Richie Hall(he deserves to be recognized for the work he did with the Rider D)

I didnt say they were not visible. I said the head coach is more visible

the CFL could use more good PR and this would be a great way to do that, but it seems no one here like the idea of change,no matter what it is

Change, only for the sake of change is pointless

not a bad idea.

Rather see a new touphy awarded to the team will the best overall record at the end of the regular season though, and the Division touphies awared to the teams that place frist in their divisions repectly, instead of who wins the division final (in the 2nd round, I rather call it the division semi final, and the 1st round the division quad final)

my 2 cents.

not really.

Consevatives: Why?
Liberails: Why not?

Who said anything about change, im talking about adding a trophy, not chaning an old one. It is to honour a career coach , asst or otherwise.

Sambo you may be onto something. I personally think Richie Hall is long deserving of a coaching award.

Aren't coaches honored in the hall of fame if they are deserving over their career, just the same as the players?

It is over their career and im talking about outstanding work in a season

SHould there ever be an award, I would certainly agree with your choices...but can they always be that clear cut?

No i suppose not, but no award has a clear cut choice every year(the award winner in the NBA is a prime example-Nash won but Shaq would have been a good choice too)