New CFL Trading Cards

Leave it to the football fanatics in Quebec to put out a highly stylized set of CFL trading cards. These look good to me, especially compared to the typical JOGO product. I'm going to pick up a set. The Allouettes are selling a 100 card set. :cowboy:

They look good. Are they sold anywhere other than online?

good looking cards

Great looking cards. I would like to see the team's logo somewhere on the card though.

wonder how easy it would be to change the colors on the Holmes and Armstead cards? :slight_smile:

Don't know. Check with the manufacturer. :cowboy:

Thanks for pointing these out. Personally, I prefer the standard in-game action shots that Jogo uses.


Just received my box of cards last night. They are high quality cards! There are also a lot of in-game action shots on the cards as well, some outstanding player cards and a few hall of famer cards. 100 in a set. The only glitch is that there is one double so I am missing one card. I'll send the double back to the manufacuter for the missing card. I bought the cards through the Montreal Alouttes online store. They arrived within a couple of days.I hope they sell enough to make it a yearly enterprise! :cowboy:

They look good . Whats on the back High_five ?

I saw them on the Bluebombers site in their store.


The back features a head pic, personal info and either stats going back five years or info about all-star/award achievments. Personaly, I would like to see more bio stuff as well. :cowboy:

lmao anyone want to trade for my timmy chang rookie card?

Hang on to never know. :cowboy:

Well, If Printers has another temper tandrum.....He may be your man! :wink: :wink:

I picked up my box today at the Grey Cup HQ and they look pretty darn good. Major kudos to Extreme Sports Cards for producing this stellar (IMO) set.