New CFL Teams

Bring a new team to Windsor Ontario! Great football fans here and lots of football knowledge, from High School, College, University to pro(though the Detroit Lions across the river don't really count as pro, kidding!).

Other than that, Quebec City would be good, Halifax and Ottawa. You'd need at least one more out west somewhere too. Maybe get the league upto 14 teams (7 East/7 West), more places to hold Grey Cup, more rivalries, more of the Canadian experience.

Productive day at work, Ro? :lol: :lol:

Maybe merge 'em and have one humongous expansion thread!

Work Smart, not hard!

Sudbury?!? Brantford?!? That's hilarious. Tell yer buddy to have another drink!

I picked Halifax...not only because it seems like the most promising (apparently building a stadium just looking for the land)...but because the east coast gets neglected a lot....they need to be represented.

Where the heck did you hear that?

A girl I know that lives in Halifax. I'll ask her if she can send me an article or something for you to read. She said they're currently squabbling over land issues...but aside from's seemingly a done deal.

That would keep the Expansion zealots busy, trying to follow it all!

I second the motion!

That would never work.


It was a joke. We know it would not work!

Quebec love football

I think Quebec seems to be the right place to put a team now, a stadium that could work untill a larger one is built, a Football mad city. And a natural rival with Montreal, it would be like the old Habs Nords rivalry in the NHL! it would be amazing

Ottawa for sure!

I do think Ottawa should be there but i hate to go back to a market that has failed two times before Halifax or Quebec could be tested.

And you still need two more cities to equal the number of NFL teams!