New CFL Teams

Ok so lets talk New CFL teams, I want to see the CFL expand and I think they could do it. But what cities could have a team? Quebec City? Ottawa? Halifax? London?
Who should get a team?

Even though I voted for Quebec City, I think Moncton should be on there as well.

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And the off season has officially arrived.

OMG.... NONE!!!!!

Since I am a Als fan i would like to see Quebec get a team (great rival) but if it was up to me i would like to see a 5 or 10 year plan and have the CFL Expand to 10 teams (Quebec, Halifax and Ottawa)
Quebec first (they can play at PEPS 19,000 till a new stadium can be built)
Then Bring Ottawa and Halifax in depending on when they can get there stadiums built or fixed.
Before anyof this happens tho we need to play exhibition games in the Halifax and Quebec.
and Ten team leage would be great.
East: Montreal, Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto and Halifax
West: BC, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskachewan, and Winnipeg

Please No Ottawa It a Hockey Town now.
They Don't Support their CFL Teams .
They have folded Twice
Why Give them that 3rd Strike.

Fool me Once Shame on You
Fool me Twice Shame on me.
Fool me 3 Times Lock me in the nut house..

Quebec City and Halifax that it no more Teams.

Considering that Hamilton's attendance has been worse than Ottawa's numerous times, don't be patting yourself on the back too much that the Ti-Cats haven't folded. There's obviously more to it than just attendance numbers.

There are only three names that have a REASONABLE SHOT at expansion.

(1) Ottawa
(2) Quebec City
(3) Halifax,

In that order (Stadiums being the issue for #2 & #3

Victoria will NEVER get a franchise, as there is:

No Demand for one.
No Stadium for one.
No fans for one.

And those of you that picked Victoria, Please don't Drink and Drive! :roll:

no S***... Victoria.. the only way you can access the Island is by boat or by air!

can you imagine the insane traffic of people trying to get back to Vancouver after the game??? utterly ridiculous.

there is no way in HELL that another Western CFL team will appear in this league as long as we don't acquire and Northern US States into Canada.

Ottawa needs a team with a real owner like Jeff Hunt (Ottawa 67s owner) and Ottawa is not a hockey town, Montreal Failed and then came back and has been one of the CFLs best team.

The only thing I am going to add to this fantasy topic is that no way do I want to see anyteam added to the east that would put winnipeg back in the west before BC has had a chance for revenge against them in a cup game.

Fixed it for ya

I still say Saskatoon lol. Yes they are a small city but they would fill a stadium and the rivalry would be one of the best in the CFL

Is it going to happen? Weyburn would get a NHL team first lol

My buddy once made a list called What if the CFL had 30 teams this is what the league would look like
1 Toronto (Mississauga)

2 Montreal (Laval)

3 Vancouver (Surrey)

4 Ottawa-Gatineau

5 Calgary

6 Edmonton

7 Quebec City (Lévis)

8 Winnipeg

9 Hamilton (Burlington)

10 London

11 Kitchener (Cambridge, Waterloo)

12 St. Catharines-Niagara (Niagara Falls, Welland)

13 Halifax

14 Oshawa (Whitby, Clarington)

15 Victoria (Saanich)

16 Windsor (Tecumseh,LaSalle,Lakeshore)

17 Saskatoon

18 Regina

19 Sherbrooke (Magog)

20 St. John's (Mount Pearl, Conception Bay South)

21 Barrie (Innisfil)

22 Kelowna (Central Okanagan J)

23 Abbotsford (Mission)

24 Greater Sudbury

25 Kingston (South Frontenac)

26 Saguenay

27 Trois-Rivières

28 Guelph

29 Moncton (Dieppe, Riverview)

30 Brantford (Brant)[/b]

You forgot Iqaluit, Corner Brook, Fort McMurray, Gaspé, Kenora and Flin Flon...

Yeah and Dog River, the list was the top 30 Canadian cities by population

Rochester Rangers, Detroit Lakers, Milwaukee Militia( or beer barons), Portland Plowmen!--- and Quebec Nordics, Halifax TNT, AND Ottawa Ghostriders

Kitimat Kittens

I do like to see Quebec winning in the poll, why do we never hear about Quebec getting a team (Even in the NHL talks lol) Quebec would be amazing for the CFL!