NEW CFL starts with 10 Franchises!

Just some thoughts about the league that I have been following since 1971.
Some people might be offended so please DON'T read on or read on at your own risk.

[1] I am not even interested in nFL because it is not my league or country or my heroes.
It is also so boring as in fall forward 4 times: first down!

[2] CFL needs to do a few things rather than wait for nFL to come and destroy CFL.
CFL has a deathwish similar to WHA - maybe nFL will come and take in 4 franchises in Canada etc
MONEY would kill our culture.
YES! CFL is our culture.

[3] First thing EXPANSION!
Please don't say we don't have enough stadiums.
First of all Toronto needs a second team. There are three stadiums in Toronto.
That solves my problem of having 10 teams.
BENEFITS - [a] balanced schedule each team plays others twice.
NO! I don't want to see them playing 4 times against each other.
[b] 7 playoff games instead 5 - right there you recover operating costs of a new team!
4 teams on each side make it to playoffs. 1 vs 4th 2 vs 3rd. simple.

[4] To make sure too may players don't go south - don't have too many people here from south:)
We will watch our Canadian heroes knowing they are not as good as nFL players because we already watch players whoa re not as good as nFL players.
IF they were AS GOOD THEN THEY WONT BE HERE NOW WILL THEY? We still watch them.
So more Canadians please. We dont need to be a developmental league for nFL.
THATS it:)
Expand in Toronto- balanced schedule -8 teams make playoffs-
[5] Future!
In future you may add 2 more teams together. I would have wild card team making it on each side.
How exciting!
Quebec vs Halifax vs Montreal nice!
Victoria vs BC!
You would be dumb if u cant see Saskatoon vs Roughies!

Now you are approaching 16!
Magic number to have 4 divisions! Two on each side! I am in football heaven!

Go lie down until the drugs wear off. :expressionless:

Wow pretty bold. Dream world stuff i guess. SASK will never have 2 teams ------------EVER!!

totally unrealistic !!! your intentions are good but WAY OUT THERE

Another team in Toronto, Hmmm

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The NFL is in zero rush to move up here. They like having the CFL, a league that does well but not so well that they are competing and takes some of the wind out of the sails of soccer and baseball. A place where they can farm players and give NCAA coaches an outlet to send players who can't make their league. LA, San Antonio, London and even Mexico City are more attractive markets to the NFL right now then Toronto.

I was happy to see that a topic not about Toronto was on the top of the board, then I saw the part about Toronto needing two teams. That would be all this forum would need to send me packing. Why aren't all these Toronto centric topics in the Toronto board?

It makes perfect sense for Toronto to have another CFL team. The crosstown rivalry would be even more intense than with the Ticats (which can see up to 15,000 Ticat fans invade Toronto for game days). Have a team play out of Skydome, BMO and perhaps a new suburban football stadium. While some may scoff that the Argos can't attract enough fans to support one team, the synergies created by having a crosstown competitor (similar to Melbourne having 9 teams in the AFL) would solidify both franchises. :thup:

Toronto can hardly support one team.

Toronto CAN support one team.
Currently, it does not.

don't worry about 2 things

  1. NFL destroying the CFL. That will never happen. They have too many problems of their own. Roger Badell is on pace to being what Barack Obama has been as President. The worst ever!!! The NFL is toying with London and Toronto (more London) just to make a penny off them. The NFL will never expand outside the USA. Toronto can hardly keep the Blue Jays/Raptors afloat. Toronto is the sinkhole of Canada.

  2. Toronto is not important to the CFL. Toronto can die tomorrow and the CFL would actually do better with a team in Halifax, Quebec City or even Oshawa.

It's a good post, and please some fans like Double Blue don't be in such a hurry to put down another fan, that's one of the reasons why many fans stopped writing on blogs is the constant abuse from many fans who quickly put down other people opinions or posts, it's just an idea and in a league like the CFL everything should be explored?

I agree it's a Canadian game that needs expansion but in Canada only, No more of the Southern USA division stuff that was done by former Commissioner Larry Smith but in Canada coast to coast! Expansion should be open to any city that can provide the same requirements as the new team in Ottawa did, they must be a certain population size, provide a stadium of 25,000 and funding to run a team for a minimum of five years and operating capital in place. Current potential Cities could be Halifax, Moncton, Quebec City, London, Ontario, Windsor and so on, I don't see a second team in Toronto because I believe the Argo's will move out soon to either Mississauga, Vaughn or Pickering depending on a site and still be called Toronto Argo's?

The CFL has been developed in recent years as a smaller venue league especially in the East with average stadium sizes being around 25,000 in the West 30,000 plus so the ability to build and provide a new stadium to play in is much more reasonable to many new ownership groups, I would enjoy seeing the CFL expand if it was done right and really this league should be operating at around 12 teams instead of nine but we can always grow upwards from here!

A second team in Toronto is the stupidest idea I've ever heard on this site . People stop posting on due to ridiculous threads like this or threads on how CFL actually has better attendece then the NFL , even though Hamilton is playing in front of 6k and Toronto can't sell 10 k to game. A shred of common sense would be nice . Having a realistic conversation would be nice . Having more threads on the Argos than Argo season ticket holders isn't ideal either !

You just won the award for BEST THREAD OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!