New CFL Stadiums

I'm not sure if they had any meetings with the CFL brass but I do know they had a meeting with Bettman about a NHL franchise. I think this whole thing comes down to whether they get the NHL franchise or not. I'm thinking they should start with the football stadium for a couple of reasons being that it could show the NHL they mean business and it would probably be easier to attain the CFL franchise, which would get this whole project off the ground faster. I'm thinking maybe the CFL should go and meet this party to see what they could come up with if they haven't already.

You're probably correct, given the grief that Balsille got when he wanted to add a Canadian team to the NHL... its just not on Bettman's To-Do list. Meanwhile, the CFL would be happy to meet with any group that could propose this sort of stadium project and the financing to get the CFL potential off the ground. :smiley:

If more American owners get busted they may not have a choice in the matter, it’ll be either sell to the Canadians or fold the team. :stuck_out_tongue: