New CFL Site makes 2007 Broadband Archive hard to access

I was a consistant purchaser of CFL broadband games during the 2006 season. However the link from the broadband page for 2007 games, takes me to the tsn home page, and after using the search engine and scouring the site, cannot find archived 2007 games. I want to re-watch the Riders 49-8 win over Calgary. I have been in contact with a couple of my friends with the same query, and no-one has had any luck finding it.

Further comment I would like to add on the new site design is that compared to the old site it's brutal at bandwidth efficiency. Even with an extreme speed DSL connection, the average fan's site experience is a considerable downgrade from the previous one. It's too bad because I think the CFL had done a very good job for several years with site content.

Yeah, it would be better if there was a direct link to each game (actually that should be expected).
To find it, click on the TSN Broadband link and type either Calgary or Saskatchewan in the search box. Then click "Search results for shows". You should be able to scroll down and find the game from there.