New CFL Signature Uniforms

The Stamps vs Cats ?? :roll: Let's hope NOT!!! FUGLY Looking !!!! :oops:

Its too bad CFL teams are showing players the jerseys already. I think last year, it was a surprise on Game Day for the Lions, and no one was expecting them. Greater impact.

I don't think Bulcke's reaction would have been as positive had he seen these, uh, whatever they are.

I'm wondering if the Ticats would go as far as going with a tiger-striped uniform, similar to this Hull City soccer shirt from the early '90s.

Ugly? Yup, at least to my old eye. But if something like this could catch the younger fans' eye, resulting is increased jersey sales....

I suspect the RedBlacks would reveal a Red uniform, similar to the Renegades but with more black in it.

HATE all the white helmets.

I don't mind them except when the entire uniform is all white, like the Riders ones. Then it's way too much white.

These jerseys are meant to give the other teams what the gunmetal ones did for the Lions last year. And they have worn them what, twice I believe? These will probably be used for special game days like military appreciation games.

The Rider image has been partially released. The helmet will have the sheaf darts all over them as well. Couldn't link the picture though.

Full video with better views of full Riders uniform:


I guess it's possible that all teams will look like that with their respective colour schemes. The RedBlacks have a shirt that looks almost identical, Burris is often seen wearing.

Not my kind of deal, frankly. :thdn:

Wow...uhhh...yeah...I mean I like the two shades of green...but...yeah not sure why you wouldn't go with a solid number.

That's true, just that alone would make it look better.

Looks like tire tracks on the sleeves. too.

Definitely not a fan. Good thing I have better things to spend my money on...

I have a feeling that the Riders Signature jerseys will look better on the field, but first impression was - not that great.

But what about the new "carbon" pants?
Now that's a step out!
Not sure how that will go down in Riderville.
(I think they're okay.)

That video unveiling makes the colours look darker, which I think looks better. The photo of the Durant jersey makes both shades of green look light. I guess the watermelon heads should be happy with the look though. Wear a melon on your head and this jersey and it's like cammo in a watermelon patch.

Screen grabs from the video. All the patterned areas appear to be wheat.

I like!


Come on. Tell us how you really feel.

And yeah.

But this does make me think that the Ticats will have tiger stripes on their jersey and maybe the helmet too. Where the Riders have wheat, we might have stripes. Or maybe more. Could be interesting.

The look on his face is priceless. Definitely doesn’t look impressed.

Tiger stripes ???? We'll probably have little coffee's and donuts all over our unis :lol: