New CFL Signature Uniforms

The current unis are only two seasons old.
Is the CFL going the way of the Barclays Premier League teams who trot out new kits every season?

Of course, like an idiot I'll probably get the new Argo unis.
In my defense, I'm not a big fan of the current Argo unis.

I hope more CFL teams follow the lead of the Blue Bombers and make their "away" uniforms the inverse of their "home" uniforms, instead of a "white" version. We're past black and white TVs so ditch the whites in favour of an inverse I say!

I agree, it's a bit much with every team getting one this year (except for the Lions who revealed theirs last year). But this seems like status quo for reebok: redo a league (CFL 2005, NHL 2007), then reveal a bunch of third jerseys (CFL 2005, NHL 2008). At least they let the new uniforms settle in for a couple years before doing this. It seems a little force-fed if EVERY team has to get a new one.

In terms of what I've heard so far, the Argos will be revealing theirs on August 17 at home against the Lions. I can't wait because I'm going to that game. Look for these to be either white or Cambridge blue (light blue) since the Lions will be wearing their gunmetal uniforms in the same game. The Argos have already revealed that they will be wearing white helmets:

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The Roughriders have released a black and white photo of theirs, to be worn August 16 at home against the Alouettes. Not much to go on here.

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Ottawa is first wearing theirs on August 24 at home against the Stampeders while Hamilton is wearing theirs in the Labour Day Classic. After the away game against Toronto, BC will also wear theirs at home against Saskatchewan on August 24.

If the RedBlacks reveal some sort of lumberjack plaid design, I shall vomit.

I'll be at that game as well. I hope they go Cambridge Blue and start using them as away jerseys.
As I said in my first post, teams no longer need to have white away jerseys. Bring da colour!!

These are two-game a year uni's not replacements, if that was what you were implying.

and they call photo radar a money grab :roll:

I don't mind the road whites, but the age of third (or sometime fourth) jerseys is nothing new so if there are willing buyers, a little more $$$ for the league can't be too bad of a thing.

Hamilton did their salute to the Wildcats last year, I was hoping that this year they would have an homage to the Tigers, circa 1934.

But, with the new "signature" jersey it should be along the lines of the modern black and gold, which if you ask me is hard to top what we have right now.

With a combination of 4 total home/away uniforms, plus a third "wildcats" uni... hopefully a "tigers" uni... and the upcoming "signature" uni... it could be hard to keep track of who my team is!

If they want to be innovative and do something new and different, what about something radical like putting collars on the jerseys like they do on Rugby shirts? that would be really stylish.
Stop this "throwback" stuff, time to move on to the future.

Any of the first three would work for me.

There isn't anything wrong with white kits, if you look at most TC kits, the white is the other major colour in play.
Having said that, in the Argonauts' case white is almost unreasonable when you think about our nickname "Double Blue".
So we should definitely move the white kits to our alternate and make the Cambridge kits our away.
Our uniform looked pretty solid as white on white against mtl, and it looks even better with blue on blue.

And yes, I will be first guy to buy a (Coombs/Oshea/Watt) third jersey.

You guys had a solid yellow jersey in 08 if I recall, not sure if it was TC, away or alternate kit, but looked really good, white kits shouldn't be part of your rotation

The solid gold (cough yellow cough) works, especially with the same coloured helmets.

Never liked the all white uniform on the Ticats. Actually, I've never liked the white pants, no matter what colour jersey they wear.

But those striped throwback jerseys could be interesting. Pittsburgh's looked horrible, but that was because of the white squares behind the numbers. The problem might be the lack of visibility of the white numbers on the gold and black stripes of the jersey. But couldn't be any less visible than BC's black-on-black numbers.

I have to agree .....if the Redblacks unveil a plaid uniform ill be major pissed.....thats taking it a bit to.far....argos helmet looks nice through

The major thing I hope, is that "Modern uniforms" doesn't mean "fluorescent" colour schemes, that's my major worry.
Would hate to see a jersey you could wear at an electronic dance music festival... ughhhhhhhhh (shivers)

I really hope these are just 3rd jerseys or it will come across as a huge money grab, especially after only wearing these ones for 2 and a half seasons. If they are alternate jerseys that would be cool in my books

Not to nitpick, but they're not "kits", that's a soccer term, not a football term. They're uniforms.

Hmmm. I wonder what the Ti-Cats Labour Day uniforms are going to look like since this is the reaction of Brian Bulcke when they showed him.

haha, thats the most blatant case of nit picking I've ever seen, considering they both refer to the same thing. anyways.

These better not be black ... :x