New CFL SHop

Anybody check out the new CFL Shop? Where'd all the merchandise go?

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF IS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thankfully I bought something before it close up, but it was on the Rivercity website, which I recament everyone else use untill they add more stuff in the officail CFL shop.

the old one close up, that what I meant, sry.

(I'm posting it here cuz I don't wait to waste space, and becase one of the mods will delete my post, as seems to be their habit nowadays, it's like mortal fire around here, and all cuz I played along with their silly joke about me talking just to increse my post count :roll: hope CFLpm is watching this!!!)

Kanga what are you talking about it did not close

It is listed by team on the left!

Check the links. They only have a few items per team in the shop. I guess the league’s changed its vendor to Jersey City instead of River City Sports, and they don’t have much inventory loaded.

Personnally, I am still frustrated that last year's Grey Cup game isn't available in DVD anywhere. When the CBC did the 2004 Grey Cup DVD, I thought they started something that would be back every year. But it seems games not featuring Toronto aren't worth it.

Hey, last year's game was just the best freakin' football game of the last decade. And as much as it pains me to have been on the losing end of that game, I would still want to watch it again...

I agree Third! Last years game should have been on DVD. I'd buy even though my team wasn't playing.

But, you are right, since a team from the Centre of the Universe wasn't playing, then CBC wouldn't be interested. (By the way I left 6 messages back in January enquiring about a Greycup DVD from CBC, but as usual the peoples network couldn't be bothered to call back)

I was wondering how long it would take you to post that!!! :lol:

is that real or fake? boot leg or did you make it yourself? if you aweserd 1 and 2, THEN WHY DON'T YOU BURN MORE AND SELL THEM AND MAKE BIG MONEY???

I wonder if somebody at CBC forgot to hit the record button when they were fliming the game, so they just showed it, not record it. So they just missed the greastest game ever becase somebody forgot to hit a button cuz Toronto wasn't in it, whoops!

(last was bad, but that's just suspost to be a joke)

They are real! I recorded the game to DVD instead of VHS.
Selling them is illegal.

not if you do it on a steert in NYC. :wink: joke

Ya I am sure the STEERTS are filled with New Yorkers who want to buy it

New Yorkers crave for Alouettes' losses...

CFL fans from Canada which flok to NYC just to buy a copy of the 2005 GC, you will see. :lol:

Sorry but as it stands now it is the only copy and it is priceless

fair enough, maybe it will be in the CFL Hall of Fame someday. :wink:

Ro, I'm sure you could find some fine upstanding gentlemen to help you sell the merchandise, even if it didn't "fall off the back of a truck" which I believe is the traditional method of procuring the merchandise.....

Really, what could go wrong?

".....but seriously, officer.....I had no idea it was a bootlegged copy....."

How about Jail?
Is that wrong enough for you? :lol:

Jail schmail...... it's not like you'd be in for violent crime, you'd probably go to one of those minimum security prisons where you get to go out horseback riding and all those other fun things we pay taxes for..... plus, just make sure you put the money into an offshore account so that it's still there when you get out.

sheesh, it's like nobody's ever thought of how these things work.... :slight_smile: