New CFL related blog/website -

You guys should check out this new website that bring together some of the best bloggers on the CFL

Drew Edwards who has done a great job on his Ti-Cats Scratching Post blog over the years and he heads this venture up - and it just launched today. Here is how he introduces the goals of the site.

“I wish I had written that.?

As someone who has worked as a journalist for more than 20 years, this is the highest praise I have to offer another writer, though it’s usually expressed with an equal amount of respect and envy. Reading a good piece is the second-most enjoyable thing in this business but it lags far behind actually writing one.

Over the last six years working as beat writer covering the CFL and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for the Hamilton Spectator, I’ve produced plenty that I’m proud of but I’ve also come across so many talented people doing great work. Some of them were professionals like me but there is also a new wave of bloggers who are doing really interesting, innovative and well-written stuff.

Something occurred to me: if I was a CFL fan, where could I go to get insight and analysis on my team while at the same time getting perspectives from around the league? There’s a lot of great material out there but it’s scattered across the four corners – maybe that should be three corners – of the internet.

And so the 3DownNation was born. The idea was to bring together a team of both experienced journalists and talented, committed bloggers to provide a perspective on each team – and therefore the entire league – all in one place.

I was just going to post that. Great site and easy to navigate and read as well. Long overdue idea.

BTW Pat, thanks for your great recent photos of THF, much appreciated.

Great looking website!
I've bookmarked it.

I have to admit that I'm surprised that there is a blog for the Argos.
I didn't think anyone covered them well enough to have a blog. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice site, thanks for posting.