New CFL Record

Just read that no team in CFL history has gone 4 games in a row without an offensive turn over. Congrats Riders!

yes Congrats, seems our team and players are setting a few records!!

Keep it going!

Nice to see our guys getting recognized and rewarded for their great efforts - I like awards as much as the next person.......but the one award I am most interested is the one that comes at the end of every game when another win is put up on the board for my Riders. Go, guys, go!

Sheets needs 75 more yards to break Willie Burden's record; 646 yards set in 1975 for five games at the start of a season.

Some "records" are just plain silly. These stat "records" for the "start of the season" are really reaching for something to call a "record".

Last Sunday was a new record for "The first time a receiver has come back from two ACL injuries and scored two touchdowns in the same game that an offensive lineman scored a touchdown".

It isn't "silly" it is job creation for TSN stat researchers.

You want "silly" stat's refer to baseball. They have a whole collection of official stat's that can barely be mathematically deciphered or have their acronyms decoded into English.

Because it is interesting to compare milestones along a season. It is better than saying 'yeah, he has a lot of rushing yards...heck, probably more than average for this point of the season....hey, maybe on pace to eclipse a record, but who knows'

Same as when the home run record was broken...they kept comparing to where the previous record holder was at with x games is how oone builds some hype.

I don't mind referring to the 'pace' but to call it a 'record' is just plain silly.

To that I must agree. if they called it pace/milestone/achievement/etc it would be cool, but record...idunno...wrong word

records are basically for single game, season, career...I could even stretch that to say 14 or 16 game record because a season used to be that many games.

Semantics. It is all about giving the commentators something to talk about. That’s why baseball has so many stat’s recorded; what else are they supposed to talk about when nothing much is happening for 90% of a baseball game. “Record” is an appropriate word since it by definition refers to some historically RECORDed fact. Whether or not it is an officially sanctioned CFL statistical record is another matter.

That is not the definition that they however are referring to. By that definition any stat good/bad/ugly/ordinary becomes a 'record'. If you look at the record book, there is no record for anything but game/season/career or streaks like kicking or consecutive games with a catch.

^^Willie Burden’s 1975 record for a Running Back^^- I’m was just pointing out that Sheets has a chance to accomplish some of Willie’s stats. If Cory continues to have a great season, Sheets has a chance to break Burden’s record.

Do you also notice they don't call it a 'record'.

In 1975 Burden also completed 5 consecutive 100 yard rushing games with a total of 10 during the season.
Accomplishment, sure, record, no such thing.

I now see your point Deanjo, you are correct. Anyway, looking forward to the Rider/Ti-Cat game tomorrow.

I do believe that last night was a new 'record' in the modern salary cap era.... "Smallest Attendance for a Rider game". :wink:

LOL yes , it's no wonder the East does so poor, all games played out West are packed compared to down East! It's no secret, Rider Fans are #1. Kudo's to Rider Nation!! :rockin: