New CFL Marketing Plan for Discouraged Canadian NHL Fans

Given the current buzz across Canada regarding the increasing probability that no Canadian NHL team will make the playoffs this spring, I think it's time for the CFL to seize a great marketing opportunity.

I'm thinking something like...

''The CFL - The only professional league that guarantees a Canadian city will win the championship every year''.

Not if some of the posters on this Board get their wishes about U.S. expansion. :wink:

Kind of happening on its own out here a bit already. Seeing comments last night on social media to the effect of "Screw the Sens, is it June yet?".

Recent comments about the Sens being a budget team help too, since the RedBlacks give the opposite impression.

We know what it's like for the Leafs to suck forever, but what's the mood like in Montreal nowadays? Are Hab woes beneficial to the Als?

It's a long season in the NHL and anything can still happen but at this moment I could very easily see the play-offs rolling around and no Canadian teams qualifying for them. In Toronto I can't really seeing that it would matter much due to the fact that the Leafs rarely make the play-offs any ways. I would imagine though that in Montreal where they hold the Canadiens to a higher standard that the natives are most likely getting a tad bit restless,especially with how hot they were out of the gate at the start of the season and how they are now tanking big time.

I like watching some hockey, it is a great game, but the NHL has become an Americanized league to the point that is what the NHL wants, more American teams and to heck with Canada but that is what Bettman is paid to do and he just got a big extension on his contract, they love the guy. I won't pay to go watch an NHL game live in person even if I had more of a desire to do so. No thanks. Journeyman players making close to a half million dollars a year or more in some cases. :roll: