NEW CFL Madden Rosters for Playoffs

Alright guys. I am currently putting some final touches to the CFL Rosters and all I'm missing is the end of the season stats!!

After that, I'm ready to update the rosters and players so you can play all winter long with the CFL players and teams!!

The reason I'm posting now, is cause some of you might want to send me your memory cards soon so that as soon as I'm done, they are off to you in time for the Playoffs (I hope).

New this year, I am using 3 years of stats on a sliding scale (this year being more important than last year and so on) to get a more accurate ratings. If you haven't tried my rosters yet, then here's what you need.

-Madden 2005 (NOT 2006, you get 2005 for like $25 at EBGames)
-Memory Card
-2 Stamps (to mail it to me and then back)
-An self-addressed envelope (to make it easier on myself)
-A couple of bucks for my trouble would be nice too :wink:

Anyhow, I'll see if I can post some pictures somehow... :wink:

If you want my address, send me an email at

I took a few screenshots and made a quick website to be able to show the pixs. I also uploaded a movie with the uniforms. Anyhow, check it out if you want.

Marty… I got a question. I got PS2 and Madden 06, and I’m making the Eskimos. How do I put the players on the Created Team?

I created the Eskimo team on Create-A-Team, and now I’m looking to just add the players. But when I look through the teams list, the Esks aren’t on it. And I’m making the players for the Eskimos on Create-A-Player. So I go to the Free Agents lists, the person is there and I just can’t add them to the team.

Know why? 06 is basically the same as 05, just improved gameplay and a couple new features.

marty can you create a new visa bill for me, one with a zero balance......

What you need to do is edit NFL players (so you dont fill up the FA if you happen to make lots of players. So take a team and edit/trade/sign players to make the rosters with CFLers. Then in Create a team, select Fantasy draft and go to the NFL team you have the players in and sign them all. When you select Fantasy Draft, you pick from any team.

could you send me a list of what NFL players you used for the Eskimos? And that was my friend Bombers-Zero posting that. We’re trying to create the Esks so we can have Esks vs Bombers.

when i go to release the players on the team i choose it wont let me so what do i do

It should let you release them (as long as you have the minimum # per position (like 3 RBs are a must, so sign the CFL player, release an NFLer, but like I said, just edit NFLers.. I took the 9 worst teams and then picked up all the black QBs to make CFLers. Can you imagine that there are more black QBs in the CFL than the WHOLE NFL!!

As for which players I used... man, that was done like 2 years ago... its more for the skin color cause you can all modify the height and weight. Just pick up the same color skin guys and edit away.