New "CFL" Logo "what we're made of" ???

Gimme a break...I thought it was a "joke" G'awd a grade school kid could have done better. The one we had was doing a good job...Why give us something that looks like an electrical wall outlet :roll:

Orridge and the advertising committee really did drop the ball.

I sure won't buy into's disgusting. :thdn:

I don't think it's "disgusting", but the old one is MUCH better.

things change, you are already a fan and they are attracting new fans. what's the problem?

I don’t think the new logo will attract new fans, but it might turn casual fans away.

you seriously think a logo will turn away fans? it's an advertising campaign.

Isn't the basic rule on logos that if you have to explain it, it isn't a good one?
The past 2 of the 4 logos in league history didn't need any explanation, IMO, and the original, while pretty elaborate, stated clearly what it was. If the new commish hadn't explained it, I'd never have thought that the football laces, as depicted on this new one, represent our 3-downs. What's the purpose of cutting off most of our country's very recognizable maple leaf and maybe making it unrecognizable, even to some Canadians? Whatever that purpose was, I guess it also applies to both ends of the ball. If this new logo is designed to attract new fans, who today, as they say, "wouldn't know the pointy end of a football," I can maybe stretch my mind to get what they were thinking when they picked this design. I was more impressed when the CFL was Radically Canadian and our balls were bigger.

A quick check on CFL related Internet sites shows that I'm not alone with my thoughts on this topic. :wink: I hope it is withdrawn, and soon. When I said I wasn't buying into it...I'm probably not alone with that either...I won't buy the swag.

You're not alone, I totally agree.

This is all the creative brass of true CFL could come up with?

It's laughable, at least the current CFL logo with the ball and maple leaf say it all, if you want re-branding please make sure you hire an appropriate branding consultant because this new logo say's NOTHING!!


I haven't seen it so I couldn't say anything about it,however...

The league only raised the salary cap by a minuscule amount this year and his seen a drop in TV viewership by a large amount...

Seeing as we know that marketing and advertising is essentially bull$#!+,methinks the braintrust in the League is trying to claim some positivity while indirectly admitting they don't know what to do...Like maybe spending some of that money spent on improving officiating instead of spending it on what amounts to a seemingly failed and ultimately unnecessary advertising and marketing attempt...

Just a thought...

I have to agree that this attempt at a refresh of the logo is a rather weak effort. I understand that the logo refresh is one part of an overall attempt to attract new (younger) fans to the league. Can someone explain how this very benign CFL logo will capture the imagination of younger fans?
And what does the slogan "What we're made of" actually mean? What brand impression is the slogan supposed to convey?

Showed the new logo to my 29 year old son on Saturday - one of the "millennials" that the marketing campaign is supposed to attract- and he WAS NOT impressed.

I agree the current logo is one of the best in all sports, I didn't like the old one with a clunky helmet with CFL in the middle. I hope they reconsider and keep the current one, the new one sucks.

Have to agree the new logo is very unattractive and miles behind the most recent logo. The new comish won't answer hard questions and the marketing team comes up with a grade school logo. It looks cheap and not much thought was put in to it. I will contact the league office and complain.

don't know what they're talking about? Here it is:

[url=!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_620/image.jpg] ... /image.jpg[/url]

Something I think has been well done, all around the logo that's now being tossed, is the design of the divisional championship trophies, the player awards' hardware and logos for league events, like playoffs, the draft and the special location games. All were creative and nicely tied together by the partial leaf & football design.

Now there is a petition to Orridge to get rid of it. I guess that's our chance to show them "what we're made off" :wink: We, the fans are the ones that pay the bills...speak up..."it's our league". :thup: It's Our Game!

If they showed it on a black or red background like it is in that link, then I could live with it but when it is shown on white it definitely does NOT stand out. Can’t understand why they didn’t at least outline the"football" with some colour, preferably black or red.

my 2 cents worth >>>>> The new logo reminds me of the graphics in 1920's Felix the Cat black and white cartoons. (see youtube)

Nobody genuinely cares about the league logo enough to get them to reverse their decision. The current logo only dates back to 2003 anyway, so it's not like much tradition is tied up in the current logo itself.