New CFL logo and jerseys are going to be great

Got a chance to see the new CFL logo on publications and on merchandise. It looks fantastic. People that didn't like it at first changed their opinion when they saw it again on different platforms.

Also its funny that people were critical of the logo due to it being simple. TOO SIMPLE? when ever a sports logo is released it is always mentioned that the best sports logos are the ones you can trace draw the logo easily.

This logo is actually brilliant and by far the best sports logo out there. I do like the NCAA logo. The NHL is fine. NFL is just a copy of the NHL. NBA and MLB are the same and the colors are awful.

The new CFL logo is like the NCAA and NHL logo simple with a great shield.

The new jerseys are going to be retro fit with modernistic approach. I spoke with a CFL official regarding the new branding.