New CFL/Lions 3rd /Alternate Jerseys

Hi all,has anyone seen the Lions new 3rd jersey yet?I hear its debuting on Aug.19th.I was told its black w/orange sleeves,with a paw print on the sleeve??Sounds cool,and I cant wait to see it.If anyone has a pic,please post!

[url=] ... pic&t=1542[/url]

I already asked this one. :slight_smile: Here you go.

Thanks for the go no where links..............anyhow,will look for myself on the streets,wont ask the message board (dont)know it alls......

if you're just going to be a dick we don't want you asking for help... get off your lazy ass and look for yourself next time instead of trying to take the easy way.

Wow,good advice,thank you.

Yeah, if you had just gone to the link I posted and scrolled down a bit, you’d find two links directly to the pictures. ;/

scroll down

There we go.I dont care what anyone says,I think the 3rd jersey is nice(better than the new home/road)Gotta get me one,cant wait to see them in the Dome.........

I like the 3rd jerseys. Like the paw on the shoulders. Looks good. Gonna have to get me one.