New CFL Jerseys

Can't wait to see these unveiled on Tuesday. If the Lions jersey is as nice as I expect it to be, I will be purchasing a Jason Clermont uniform. Lions are using orange at home, right? White on the road?

The new CFL jerseys are going to be crap!!! Cookie-cutter design with just different team colours and logos.
And yeah, the Lions are going to have orange home jerseys.

StampsRock, you got to remember the jerseys were designed for the younger fans...or to draw new ones in. Either way (crappy or not crappy) in the end, are you going to be watching the CFL? yes....Reebok doesnt have to please you.....only the CFL.

I will also be dissapointed if we have the same design using different colors and logos for all teams. In my opinion that would make it look bush league. I really can't see the CFL brass being happy with that.

I'm not a fan of the Ti-cats black and yellow(not gold), but I was some what impressed with their jersey's, so the rest couldn't be that bad.

Dont worry. There is no way that the jerseys will only be differentiated by colour. NFL Europe also designs and supplies all the jerseys, helmets designs etc for all the teams who have absolutely no say in the matter, and in many ways it is far better...with only a few exceptions. THe CFL has too much history for Reebok to throw it away and they arent stupid. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the new look, which probably wont be that drastic a change at all.
Nothing as stupid as when giant logos covered the front of the Argo uniforms.

When the talk of the CFL getting new jersey's, everyone said that they would have more of an NFL feel to them. Just basing my comment of the new TiCat jersey's, they look a heck of a lot more like AFL jersey's then NFL jersey's.

No wonder I got that Dave Dickenson Lions jersey for half-off. Oh well, by the sound of things it may be instant old-school - just the way I like it!

I think it will make the league elook really 2nd rate if the just have a bunch of NFL jersies, with different logos on them. The sneakk preview of the stamps jersies, looked VERY similar to the Falcons jersies. Needless to say, I am still going to buy one in the next month

If they get bought than it works crapy or not.

Show me a single jersey in professional sport that is absolutely, 100 % different and unique from the rest.
MLB- 1 jersey has the city name, 1 has the nickname and 1 is a vest style.
NFL, NCAA, AFL all look alike with different colours.
NBA (well, that's not really a sport)
Nothing is unique about a hockey jersey.
So why in the world should Reebok feel obligated to design 9 complete unique and 100% individualized uniforms for the CFL?
For the money Reebok is putting in the CFL for doing this, I say let them go to town.

Just as some have predicted, there are four teams that have the exact same design - that's terrible. And even worse, there are some ugly looking jerseys they came up with. I'm entirely disappointed. Why can't the Riders go back to their traditional darker green colour instead of this shiny green? I want a retro Rider jersey!

If you wore the retro jersey every time then it wouldn't be retro, would it bonehead? It would be current.......

I like the new jerseys, yeah there is some repetition in some of the designs but from the stands how 'ya gonna tell? I like the double blue of Toronto and the use of the A logo, better than those swirly shoulder things from last year. The BC orange is awsome, will definately stand out better than black.......

I'm not sure if I am fussy on the orange Lions jersey ... how is the orange logo gonna look on the orange jersey? Back in the 80's the colours on the logo were reversed with a brown lion head, so now an orange lions head could get lost.

Why are the Lions jersey's the only ones with logos on the shoulders and numbers on the sleeves. Seems the others are reversed which is what I prefer.

I also heard that there were supposed to be alternate jersey's ... where are those?

And why can't we get actual photos on this site instead of a PDF?

This guys right. We need the variety of last years jerseys…

B.C. had those plain jerseys with stripes and logos on the sleeves.
Calgary was a little more radical going with the plain jersey with a logo on the sleeve.
Hamiltons was a little more artsy, going with a plain jersey with logos and stripes on the sleeves.
Toronto singled themselves from everyone with the plain jersey with stripes on the sleeves with a shoulder logos
And I’ll always love those crazy Riders jerseys. Plain jerseys with stripes around the sleeves.
Ottawa is hard to discribe…but if I had to put it into words…maybe, plain jersey with logos and stripes on the sleeves.

I can’t believe 4 teams have the same style. What we need is last years styles where 7 of the nine teams had identical designs.

Im curious on why the league decided to relase the new jersies via a goddamn poorly layed out, 16-color, crappy mawk-up jersey drawing PDF file ...

sorry - but its a lame way to introduce something that is being hyped to be 'so cool' ...

as far as the jersies are concerned .... 'meh' ... you'll never please everyone ... and these jersies will certainly be no different.. pretty boring.


I'm pretty happy with the new jerseys. For the mostpart, no team really ventured too far from what they had previously been wearing, with some nice updates. Applying the wordmark to all the jerseys is a good idea. I think a little continuity among the teams is good.

As for the 'Gades new jerseys, I like them in spite of the similarity to the Atlanta Falcons. Hopefully a new design will coincide with a fresh start for the team.

I will definitely be picking up one of these new unis, and I'm looking forward to seeing the 3rd jerseys, whenever those will be unveiled.

Heres my appreciation of Reeboks work :

  • ALOUETTES : Well, I cant complaint. The Als jersey is the one that suffered the less changes. Beside, it clearly stands out now that so many jerseys are designed the same way. I thought Reeboks redesign would have been a good moment to get rid of « Montreal » on our away jerseys. Eh, well. The great news is : there is no black on them!

  • ARGONAUTS, BLUE BOMBERS, ESKIMOS, RENEGADES, ROUGHRIDERS : Im sorry for putting them all in one pack, but since they all use the same design, it would become repetitive. One jersey like this would have been okay. I think the Rens one probably is the sharpest. And the Eskimos ressemblance with the other four may go unnotice if the stiches arent too apparent, because the « horns » on the jerseys shoulders are not contrasting with the rest of the shirt, which is the case for the other four. I know Edmonton really is about tradition, so Id like to hear from Esks fans about this one. Is it close enough from the original jersey? I like the number font on the Argos, but bothe of Torontos jerseys ressemble way too much that of the Blue Bombers. As it was said by someone else, the original Rider green looked better than this one, but that might just be because its a drawing. The Riders shirt is okay. It would have been really nice if it wasnt so similar with the other four.

  • LIONS : Ok, man. They said itd be orange. It is orange. Really. Both both jerseys seems unfinished to me. Its like they said : « Ok. Lets put white numbers on an orange shirt and orange numbers on a white one. Done. Next. » It lacks personality.

  • STAMPEDERS : In my opinion, the Stamps away jersey wins the unfortunate honor of « Ffffffffugliest jersey in North America ». What the heck is this clown-collar supposed to mean? I hope theyll give a red nose to smiling Hank to fit that costume. I dont know what to think of the curvy black bars It looks soft weak. And neither does the soft bars nor the clown-collar fit with the « digital-clock » styled number font. This truly is embarrassing. Fortunately for Stamps fans, the home jersey isnt as ridicule as the aforementionned, though not a chef-duvre either. Hey, maybe Miguel Robede decided to stay in Quebec City because he saw the away atrocity?

  • TIGER-CATS : We already saw this one this week. Rejoice, Ticats fans, youve got the best re-done jerseys. They probably were the first jerseys re-done by Reebok just before they ran out of ideas!

OVERALL FEELING : Its disapointing, but it could have been worst (except for Calgarys clown suit). If I have to highlight something positive, Ill point out that there are now only two black jerseys in the CFL And if the ownership situation isnt fixed in Ottawa, there might be only one black jersey in the near future

Gotta agree with ya. The CFL is way too fond of PDF files.

By the way, Reebok did not even issue a press release on their website concerning the jerseys redesign (which gives an idea about how proud they are…)

Words escape me when trying to acurrately describing these new jerseys...........oh wait..........YUCK!!

Congrats do go out to the TiCats, for some reason they actually got a decent jersey out of the mix.