New CFL Jerseys and Helmets

OK everybody lets get Artistic. I am seeing alot of Call for new CFL teams but what would they look like. And if you could change ur teams jersey or helmet what would u do!
I have my Quebec CFL teams Helmet but i think it looks too much like the NFLs Saints. :?

I'll scan a concept logo when I get a chance. I can't draw for beans on a computer.

Last winter I did a fantasy hockey uni designer that opens in MS Paint. I got the original from an NHL page. I've been working on a fantasy football uni designer as well but that's been taking a while owing to the poor quality of the original source picture. Once I have it done I'll make it available to all forum dwellers. Imaginations will run wild.

As an Als' fan, I'd like to see them bring back the winged helmets from the late 50s~early 60s.

I would love it if the Als went back to any of there old Unis!

I agree. The Minnesota Wild make red and green look cool. I don't see why the Alouettes can't.

Forget about another team in Quebec, not enough fan support, with proper owners and marketing get a team back in Ottawa and even back east maybe Halifax

I also like the one from the 70s. Love the Red Blue and White, but on the other hand i love the ones that we have today. Another thing i would like is for the Als to go back to there 1997 jerseys. I would like to see the CFL sell some Vintage jerseys like they have in every other league.

Forget about another team in Quebec, not enough fan support, with proper owners and marketing get a team back in Ottawa and even back east maybe Halifax
Yes it would work, Quebec has great fan support. the market has never been tested and right now its huge beacuse of Laval. Ottawa has failed now im not saying it shoulent go to Ottawa but Quebec City needs a team.

And you base that on what?

I would guess that he compares Quebec to Saskatchewan in the regard of having more than 1 franchise.

Click on posts by drummergod. If my memory is correct, he put together a bunch of fantasy jerseys. I must admit, comming from me who is NOT on the expansion bandwagon, drummer put together a pretty good collection.

I love dreaming up new logos and helmets!! Glad to see there are others out there who share my interests :slight_smile:

I know I've already put these up a few times in these forums, but here they are again anyway, so please bear with me ...

Halifax/Atlantic team:

Ottawa Renegades:

I've been thinking it might be nice if Saskatchewan didn't use as much black in their uniforms - it's almost like they're green and black, not green and white. So here are some things I tried:

Someone (drummergod I think) mentioned the Renegades using Ohio State's pants, so I decided to stick Kerry Joseph's upper half onto some Ohio State pants, fiddle with the colours a bit, and see what happens:

(I think I decided I prefer the white pants over adding in a bunch of silver)

I'm sure I'll get around to adding more later ...

What about a Quebec City team? any ideas on my logo

Great effort on a logo, but to corny looking, sorry gotta be honest

Why don't you just call them the Halifax Crapily Photoshopped Bruce Willis?

Im not a fan they look to complex, i like more simple logos, in my opinion all logos should be able to be drawn by a child.

The London logo is pretty simple. The other two i just made really quickly, so they're pretty rough, but some variation of them would hardly by more detailed than the ticats or alouettes logos. Think of them as a starting point rather than a finished product... try unfocusing your eyes a little bit lol