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So a person who has trolled on the Ticats board MANY times over the years was made a moderator? Well, I guess at least now he won't get away with that crap anymore.

I disagree. It's different for the two reasons I've given. (1) It's a positive supportive statement. (2) Opinions aren't unanimous. A disagreement with certain specific (though probably active) posters is permissable. Referring to certain posters as "whiners" though constitutes name calling and isn't acceptable.

But do NOT use the word "troll" on pain of meeting the definition.

Your QUOTE though absolutely fits the definition of the word since the word was used. What he said crossed way over the line. But had he simply called out a poster for constant negativity that would have been acceptable.

You come into another team's forum where everyone is upset with a player or GM and defend them, you'd better tread lightly and be diplomatic. Making personal attacks (calling people whiny, etc.) is not treading lightly. Make your point once or twice, be respectful, and move on. Understand that this is not your home turf.

EDIT: By the same token, fans of that team don't have a free pass to hurl abuse at a rival fan who behaves properly.

I'll say no to that one. Look, you may not like "constant negativity." I may not either. But that's what disagreement is all about. And usually, negativity shows up when a team is on a losing streak or a player is not succeeding, which are both PERFECTLY UNDERSTANDABLE instances of fans getting frustrated.

Personally, I find toxic positivity -- ("we've lost 12 games in a row, but let's look on the bright side -- at least our punting game is strong!") -- to be way worse than understandable negativity when the team is losing. But live and let live.

Let me be very clear.

You or I may not like it when a fan criticizes a player, coach, or GM, but that's the burden of being a public figure. People can rip on you for a poor performance ("Player X played like hot garbage, he's a bum, trade him") as long as it's not libelous ("Player X is a pedophile who smokes crack in the parking lot after games") or hate speech ("Player X is [racist/homophobic slur]").

But ... it is NOT okay to attack other members simply for expressing opinions that you don't like. You're a member here? You didn't sign up to be attacked in public by someone you don't know IRL. None of us did. Fans talk trash about their team, about rival teams. That's the privilege of being a fan. The minute you start making it personal -- talking crap about another member instead of sticking to the subject of football -- you will hear from me as a moderator.


I agree. Attacking a poster's opinion is fine; personal attacks on another poster are not.

That though also means it's unacceptable to say "You're not a bonafide dyed-in-the-wool Als' fan. Who are you to come here and say that such-and-such a player or executive is any good?"

It's perfectly acceptable
It's a team forum.
If 10 outof 10 team fans are annoyed at their team. A non fan Cinderella coming in to argue is trolling.

Why are you(the poster) hell bound on disagreeing? To troll. Go post on the main forum and leave team fans alone. Right or wrong it's the rule.
Don't agree. It's the rule. Go argue on the main forum

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Yes, that's true. I don't take kindly to one poster telling another poster that they're not "enough" of a fan. That's impossible to prove. Who's to say who's right or wrong? Then we're just monkeys throwing coconuts at each other.

Yes, and that goes back to the "safe space" aspect of a team subforum. If a non-fan comes into the team subforum and offers a dissenting opinion respectfully, well and good. If that non-fan turns disrespectful, then they need to leave. If they keep posting repeatedly despite team fans growing irate, then they're trolling and they need to leave.

I appreciate this thread, by the way. It's good to make expectations clear right at the start.

Because you are flat out bloody wrong. "Safe haven" means only and precisely "no taunting and no trash tralking". It has NEVER meant no disagreement with any Als (in this case) fan about anything.

And now you're breaking forum rules by engaging in name calling in a thread dealing with moderation? You realize you're proving yourself to be exactly what you're calling me.

That's absolutely NOT the rule. You're words can be dissected anywhere they're posted. And I'll certainly not be shy about doing so after your words in this thread. Take that as a guaranty.


It is always the same people who never talk football and are here just to prolong a thread.


What have you got yourself into?? :rofl:


I think that we should maybe swap out D&P and get that Johnny Cat Slayer as the new mod . :rofl:

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Good to know

Ro and Baltic. You've made your points. Stop now, please.

Yes, non-Als fans are allowed to post here and disagree, as long as they are respectful.

However, going on and on in your disagreement with Als fans, nitpicking everything and refusing to let a subject die, constitutes trolling and will be treated as such.

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Thank you.

…sorry but johnny is a secret weapon that only gets used on special occasions..