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Quick shout out to our friend and hardcore Als fan disciplineandpunish who joined the moderator ranks of the forum this past weekend, just in time for the upcoming 2021 season!


Congrats disciplineandpunish. Well earned!

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Congrats D&P! :+1:

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Great news!

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Thank you all! Please understand, too, that I have no beef with anyone, even if we sparred verbally in the past. I'm here to help out, and I intend to do that job fairly and honestly. d&p


Reason for the move is that there was once a pointless thread in the Als subforum where people were arguing over what is considered trolling there and then folks wanted their own moderator.

It is a CFL subforum folks. How many regulars post there? At most, we are talking 2 hands.

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Oh Boy ! I can just see it now ! :laughing:



It's actually one of the more active sub-fora on the site. But obviously I'm not going to be moderating exclusively in the Als sub-forum.


Do not forget where you came from :blush: Lol!

Good to have you back.

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Good to be back, tony. It's been a difficult year for me, but I'm excited that there's actually a 2021 CFL season. I've forgotten what it's like to watch a football game!

Good also to see all the usual faces posting here. I've missed you folks.


Congratulations D&P and welcome back!

Make sure to moderate in that Ticats forum! :grinning:


Thanks, Johnny. I've missed your sense of humor. :slight_smile:

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This is awesome.

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Precisely. Some Als' fans didn't think non-Als' fans had any right to disagree with any of their opinions because the team forums are intended to be "safe havens" for that particular team's fans. The safe haven rule is of course intended to prevent taunting and trash talking and not any other disagreements of opinion.

Uh, that's not what was said at all. Disagreement is perfectly fine. But coming into a game thread to harass Als fans after their team has lost isn't cool.

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I agree.


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Is it ok to go into a team forum and tell posters their QB sucks? No? Well going into a team form and telling posters that they have a great GM when those posters are not happy with him is no different

And then saying you are there to troll the negative people and they will have to deal with you

That is trolling in a team forum

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That is correct. It is not.

That is very much different. For one thing, it's a positive supportive statement of the team. Secondly, fans' opinions of a GM are never unanimous.

In my experience precisely those posters quickest to use the word "troll" are those that fit the 21st century definition of the word.

Why is it different? People's opinions of a player vary just as much....If all the team posters are upset with the manager and someone comes in and tells you he is great and all 10 are whiners or whatever....its trolling... just like if it was a player
Post that in the main section

OK what do you call this.

Quote from: A poster

I like to troll the trolls, when they stop, I'll get back to football.
I choose to be negative to the negative posters, as you say, it's up to each person,
they have to be accountable for what they post. end quote

Who is he to decide that no-one can post anything negative? Who is he to go into a team forum and decide who can post what?

That is a troll, and he admitted he likes to troll