New CFL Fan

I am an American that started following the CFl last year ... mostly because I am tired of $100 million dollar contracts, the huge media crush on everything NFL etc ... Last year I followed CFL happenings by checking the standings, reading articles on this site, etc. So this year I was determined to watch live games .. What a struggle that has been !! My cable provider doesn't broadcast TSN, because I am not a Verizon subscriber I can't get CFL Broadband/ESPN 360. I tried to get live games through a TSN website only to get one browser error after the next. Then I decided I would try and avoid seeing the outcomes of games and watch them archived - not seeing the final scores is hard enough, but then when I went to iTunes to purchase a game it shot me down because my credit card is not drawn on a Canadian bank.

Anyway, you guys have a great football league and one day I hope to see it real time !!!

P.S. I don't have any ties to Canada, so picking a favorite team hasn't been easy .. but I pretty much have it down to the Esks or Ticats.

Gotta be a rider fan budday!
But hey no matter who you pick welcome to the CFL and welcome to the forum!

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If ITunes doesn't like you, you could always try finding the games. I know the Rider games are all available. This one was one of the best games of the year.

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Thanks zbest .. I am able to get the archives through TSN now, but they cost $4 USD and they aren't immediately available. I would guess you are a Riders fan ?? I am huge Graham Harrell (sp ?) from his Texas Tech days. I was really surprised that none of the NFL teams had any interest in him. They must know something I don't.

Darian Durant seems like he is starting to figure things out, so it might be along time till I see Graham play again.

Now is the perfect time to get on the Ti-Cat bandwagon. After a fews years of futility you'll most likely get to watch an up and coming young team.

Yea… what he said! ^^

That definitely helps ... I live in the Mid-West, and although I am not a Michigan State (I went Indiana Univ.) I did enjoy watching DeAndra' Cobb play football - and I am very happy for him that he got an opportunity to play in Canada.

That's one of my favorite parts of the CFl ... to watch some of the U.S. college players that were overlooked in the States get a chance to play the game in a place where they are appreciated.

It's setteld then. Plan an 8 or 7 hour trip or two to Hamilton to watch the Cats.

I do that drive all the time as I have family in Merrillville and area.

Buy a ticket for the traditional Labour Day game. It's the best game of the year when the Cats always host their "down-the-highway" rival, the Argonauts.

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I won't chime in with yet another option on getting games unless necessary....just let us know whether or not you've been sorted out.

And generally when they play in the CFL its because of the love of the game too. They can make a pretty good living at it if they stick, but most players probably have other jobs in the off season.

Cobb is a real find for the Cats. He’s one exciting player!

Thanks to everyone for the responses, they have been very helpful :smiley:

It's a shame you don't get to see our game. their's alot of exciting plays and games can change on a dime. I just wish their was a few more teams. and Hamilton would be a great choice for a team we have a great young team.

That's good.

Cool handle, by the way. From the 'Frisco area?

Welome Winterland_ can you say_ (first-raise your right hand, left hand overr your heart____ Oskee wee wee Oskee wah wah holly Macinaw Tigers eat em Rawwww ..cheeeeerrs your a Ticats fan!!!

I think I am going to have to go with the Ti-Cats ... I have received tons of responses and PMs from fans telling me to become a Ticat, but not one single Eskimo.

Chief? Oh, Chie-ieff?

Anyway, if you want to become an Eskimo fan, learn how to pronounce Maciocca (that's Ma-CHO-cha), and then practice saying it with derision. It helps if you spit like a gypsy after saying it, although it requires some explanation if you do this indoors.

Next, learn to say "Ricky Ray" with an Elmer Fudd accent.

Then learn the 5 consecutive years in the 70's/80's when they won Grey Cups, and use that as a rebuttal to every negative question posed about the team.

Or, just forget all of that stuff and join RiderNation.

My bad. I hadn't gotten around to reading this topic yet. You can't go wrong with the Eskimos. For me it's all about history. I love a franchise that has a rich history, and the Eskimos have that. They're the only team to win 3 straight and 5 straight Grey Cups. They have a history of building good teams and always competing. They had a 34-year streak of making the playoffs, the longest streak in sports.

That said, you can't go wrong with the Ti-Cats either. They're actually my second favourite team. Welcome to the board, and I'll send you some information in a private message.


Winterland, note that he took no issue with my Eskimo fan criteria.