New CFL Fan

Hi all

I'm Bella, an Aussie living in Saskatoon, SK now and a new fan of CFL and the Ti-Cats!!! I've opted out of supporting the Roughriders, which everyone around here seems to do!!!

I was wondering what everyone's tips on the first week of games are?

bella welcome to and thanks for supporting the cats :slight_smile: .

Thanks for the welcome. I’m still adjusting to CFL as opposed to my aussie rugby & football. LOL
I’ve been a huge NHL fan for years and so can’t wait to start watching CFL.

Welcome!! CFL kicks the NHL's I hope we both have a lot to cheer about this year.

Me too! I checked out the odds that a sports commentator had posted and Ti-Cats were at like 20-1 and I was like oh wow. I get teased for not picking the Roughriders here in SK!!

Welcome Bella. First off, there are a number of things that are different from what most of the world calls "football" and CFL football.

First, only one or two players on each team actually use their feet to move the ball. The rest either run or pass with it, block for those carrying it; or try and tackle the ball carrier or "intercept" a pass.

It is not -quite- as bloodthirsty as Australian Rules Football, but our brand evolved from the "gentler" rugby. In fact, the CFL's Grey Cup is awarded to the winners of the "Senior Amateur Football Championship of Canada". ... e#Grey_Cup

What the main differences between the CFL and American rules are: a field that is 10 yards longer and 15 yards wider. The endzones are 20nyards deep (vice 10 yards) and the goal posts are at the goal line, as opposed to the "touch line" at the back of the end zone. There are only 3 "downs" in which to advance the football 10 yards - American rules football uses 4 downs. In the CFL, every kick (punt, kickoff, field goal, drop kick, etc) is live, meaning that they are all available to be returned. The kicking team may recover a kick, but only the player(s) that are "onside" may do so.

Other thatn that, look for a wide-open, pass-happy game, with many twists and turns. One of the most exciting things about the CFL is that, even if you are down by 13 points with under a minute to play, YOU CAN STILL WIN THE GAME!!!

Hope you have fun following the CFL this year, and many years to come.


If you're a betting man, pick:

Hamilton over Calgary by one point. (last minute Setta field goal)

If you're a smart betting man ignore my tip and bet the new farm on Calgary. :slight_smile:

Welcome to, Bella. You have shown excellent judgment in choosing the Ticats as your favourite team. To get into the spirit of being a Ticat fan, you can recite the team cheer when you watch the Ticats play the Stampeders on your television this Saturday night:

"Oskee Wee Wee
Oskee Wa Wa
Holy Mackinaw
Tigers, Eat 'Em Raw!"

Tip for the first Ti-Cat game of 2007. Get in your car and drive the 600 KM's to Calgary and attend the game in person. You wont regret it.

Here's a tip jl can appreciate. Don't use the "A" word when referring to the blue team down the road. :wink:


Welcome to Canada and to the CFL :slight_smile:

Way to choose the Cats, us Ti-Cat fans in SK have to stick together.

Hi Bella welcome, I was in your great country April and May.
I was in Sydney, went to a lot of pubs around the "Rocks" it wasn't Aussie rules everyone was watching but Rugby!! There must have been 7 different TVs in most bars all showing a different rugby game.
Also found out that Fosters is not sold in Australia (not an Aussie beer) and that XXXX and Victoria bitter are great beers!!!

What the main differences between the CFL and American rules are: a field that is 10 yards longer and 15 yards wider.
Actually, the CFL field is 11 and 1/2 yards wider than and NFL field :wink:

Thank you, my mistake.

Is it possible that after defensive player weight, height, speed, and talent of the NFL player is taken into account, the CFL field is really only 5 yds wider?

Oh there are better beers then XXX and VB! Glad you had a great time! Yes I totally miss all the rugby & football. I'm slowly trying to get my way through CFL!! :slight_smile: