New CFL - ESPN Deal

Good news for the league. We get the only main ESPN network game from Hamilton on the 31st. But other games on ESPN2 and ESPNNEWS. Grey Cup live on ESPN2.

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Every Canadian Football League game this season will be available live to fans in the United States thanks to a new multi-year agreement with ESPN, which was announced today.

"We are thrilled for our fans in the United States that the ESPN networks will be the exclusive home of our league there," said Mark Cohon, Commissioner of the CFL.

"This is a powerful showcase for our talented athletes, our exciting brand of football, and the CFL itself, a league with a proud history but, more importantly, a bright future."

A minimum of 17 regular season games and the Eastern and Western Finals will be televised live on ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNEWS. The 102nd Grey Cup will be televised live exclusively on ESPN2. All other CFL games will be available to fans live on ESPN3 across computers, smartphones, tablets and connected devices.

"Since the early days of ESPN, CFL games have been a valued part of our programming lineup," said Burke Magnus, Senior Vice President, Programming Acquisitions. "I'm proud to see our relationship continue as we strive to serve football fans 365 days a year."

The 2014 CFL season kicked off last night as the Winnipeg Blue Bombers defeated the Toronto Argonauts 45-21. It continues on Saturday, June 28, as the Montreal Alouettes visit the Calgary Stampeders at McMahon Stadium. The game features the CFL regular season debut for Chad Johnson of the Alouettes and will be televised live on ESPN2.

The 2014 CFL season concludes with the 102nd Grey Cup championship game on Sunday, November 30 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

"Collaborating with a worldwide leader in sports content like ESPN is great news for our fans, our players and our teams," said Cohon. "It speaks to the strength of our product and the passion of fans in the U.S. for our game."

In Canada, TSN is the exclusive English language broadcaster for the CFL and Grey Cup, and RDS is the exclusive French language broadcaster.

ESPN's CFL Television Schedule Through July:

ESPN Broadcast Information
Regular Season
Saturday, June 28 3:00pm ET Montreal Calgary ESPN2, WatchESPN
Saturday, July 5 3:00pm ET Saskatchewan Toronto ESPN2, WatchESPN
Friday, July 11 10:00pm ET Ottawa Edmonton ESPNNEWS, WatchESPN
Thursday, July 17 8:30pm ET Edmonton Winnipeg ESPN2, WatchESPN
Friday, July 18 10:00pm ET Hamilton Calgary ESPN2, WatchESPN
Thursday, July 24 9:00pm ET Calgary Edmonton ESPN2, WatchESPN
Satuday, July 26 10:00pm ET Toronto Saskatchewan ESPN2, WatchESPN
Thursday, July 31 7:00pm ET Winnipeg Hamilton ESPN, WatchESPN
*Schedule subject to change.

CFL games presented on ESPN networks will also be available to audiences in Latin America, the Caribbean and the Pacific Rim.

ESPN owns a chunk of TSN, so this isn't really a deal. More an inner re-working between partners.

I believe ESPN owns 20% of TSN.

I read TSN is 30% owned by ESPN.

With the Ticats and Bombers on the main ESPN channel, and however many viewers that means in the US, it would be great to have a classic CFL game, no lead is safe type of affair. If some players are watching that might not want anything to do with CFL, maybe they would change there mind. Not sure if that is an issue anyway..

Also really hope that THF at least looks finished... Game is July 31.

Great news for the CFL and the Tiger-Cats more revenue overall and more exposure of the Canadian game in the States, a win, win situation for all involved!!


HELP...does anyone know how I (living in New Zealand) can watch games live online? :?

Ciwi - from the last line of the press release perhaps it might be possible for you to watch online on ESPN3 also known as WatchESPN. Is New Zealand considered 'The Pacific Rim'

CFL games presented on ESPN networks will also be available to audiences in Latin America, the Caribbean and the Pacific Rim.

google "live sports streaming".
You'll find plenty of sites with the games. There's a couple where you can find a permanent feed of TSN in the menu.

Check ATDnet or firstrow sports, the quality isn't good but it should work. ESPN3 will NOT work unless you have a US internet provider that carries ESPN3

Obviously not "EVERY" game..don't see todays on the list

Every game not on the list is on ESPN3.

not everyone wants to sit in front of a computer for that long to watch a game .. i sure don't and it's even worse when there is more than 1 trying to watch

turns out I'm glad i missed it

20% and July 26


:thup: :thup:

But ESPN3 is not available to all, it's only available if your internet provider carries it.
When you open ESPN it will ask you to choose your internet provider from the drop down list. The biggest internet provider in Florida is Century LInk, it's not on the ESPN3 list because Century link doesn't carry it.

It's kind of like the TSN VOD situation, it will ask you if you are a Rogers or Bell customer, if not you can't watch it.

Can't watch it if you are a Bell Aliant customer. Apparently the Maritimes doesn't matter in this greasy Rogers-like move. Boo TSN! Why would you limit the amount of folk who can eyeball the commercials? So you can try and trap them into watching and paying for mobile VOD content? Greasy!

It says every game is available on some ESPN platform.
It doesn't say available to everybody.

The comment "obviously not EVERY game" is implying that the press release was stating every game would be available on ESPN television, which is clearly was not saying. It specifically says 17+ would be on TV.