New CFL Commercial Idea

There are sooo many awesome crazy football fans on this forum. The CFL should take notice and use some of these FANatics in commercials.

Think about it.

The players line up on the line.
The QB takes the snap.
The camera pans the defensive line and you see some crazy fan (no equipment) lined up in the linebacker position with a crazed look in his/her eye. :twisted:
QB hands off, RB sees a hole BUT the crazy fan stuffs it!
Everyone's lying in a pile but the crazy fan!
He's the first one up and high five'n cheerleaders!


Cut to CFL logo.


whadaya think?

Post your ideas. Win a new car!


Go Bombers!!!

Not a bad idea. I've seen similar commercials. It could work.

I’d like to be a part of that.

i am def down with that idea. portrays a good image about die hards like us. i would do it. but me it would be dline and sacking the qb, preferably Kerry Joseph

each ad would show a fan (from a different team), suddenly, lined up in a different defensive position. Intercepting passes, punt returns for TDs, big hits and of course celebratory gloating!!!

I think it would sail!


perhaps quite a few Rider fans would want that gig! haha