Just received this notice with my last Bell Express-vu bill…Pardon my spelling and grammar as I tried to copy this.

Canada’s Football Team has its own channel now. Bell Express–vu is pleased to announce it will be adding the Saskatchewan Roughriders channel to the newest package of Sport Specialty channels. Starting April 1st for just $4.95 a month on Channel 404 you can follow the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the rest of the CFL on their very own network. Here are some of the programming highlights.

-All Home and Away games televised. That’s right, the Roughrider channel will pickup all pre-season, regular season and playoff games from the TSN and CBC feeds, and while the rest of the province is blacked out, you’ll be able to catch all the action on Channel 404.

-Monday Night with the Head Coach. A three hour call-in program so you can discuss strategy with Head Coach Danny Barrett.

-Tuesday nights are Super Seasons in review. A three hour show of the most memorable moments in the Riders history.

-Wednesday nights are classic nights. We go to the archives, and rebroadcast the Roughriders finest games

-Thursday nights is CFL Preview. We preview the up-coming weekend games.

So don’t be a fool and miss out all the exciting CFL action with Canada’s most loved team.. Contact Bell Express-vu at 1-888-SKY-DISH (759-3474) to subscribe now. Or click on website :

damn rights. wish I had satelite. And a house to put my satalite on.

Um Billy, give your cable provider a call (Rodgers or Shaw). I'm sure cable will pick up this channel as well as Satelite.

Wow. Great opportunity for Sask. fans.

Nah, my old man has a satelite, and will probably pick up the channel (he better at least, he’s runnning for the board he might as well get better TV, and plus he has PVR (it records without a VCR for those techno impaired people), so I will egt all the games. I wlll be in Europe for the first half of the season. so he has an obligation to tape and explain every game to me every week. It will be pretty much the only reson I will phone home…unless I am broke and need more cash…hehehehe

It seems to me I heard something about Videotron here in Quebec carrying this channel as well.

Don't ask me why though

That'll be great to have, especially for the Rider fans who can't make it to every home game and get blacked out.

Hey Kanga - you should contact them and see if there’s any plans to do the same with the Bombers…maybe they’ll expand it to the US if there’s enough demand!

Well done Sportsmen

I don't think the Bombers have the large following of fans in each province (or State) to make it a financial success like the Riders do. According to "Inside the 35" the reporter said they have 25,000 subscribers across Canada in the first couple days that the channel has been offered by the Cable and satelite providers.

April 1st eh. April fools?

I was thinking that this was a joke, but this is very cool!!!!!! hopfully they will do the CJFL and CIS as well eh?

and jm02, I do that, just need a link that I can find. and the Bombers have the fan base, they just need the drive.

It'll alternate: 1966 one week...1989 the next. :lol: kidding.....

Well put!

Canada's football team?? Definitely an April fools joke. Or just a joke....period.

don't forget 1997 after 1989, but they will havge to skip the GC, which should have been in Baltimore, not Edmonton. :roll:

is there a blue bomber channel?

Once again, Kanga has missed the point.

They will, thats on Tuesnights around 11:00pm :wink: :wink: