New Power Rankings

I think someone must be playing a joke. Winnipeg after losing jumps to number 1. Montreal after winning drops to 7.
Their statistical model is whacked and has no relevance to reality.

lol, wow, that's bad. It's nice to do it by statistics but when it punches out an answer like that does common sense not tell you to maybe change it around or change up your parameters. Winnipeg #1, the team that beat them in their own park, Toronto, #6; Montreal #7, two spots below the 0-2 Eskies, wow that's terrible.

They use qb rating, rushing yards, sacks, and missed field goals. I would think somewhere actuals wins and losses should be in the formula, turnovers, strength of opponent, and for power rankings I also like to include how the team has done in the last few games (they include the previous game).

Who cares about power rankings ? They don't hand out the Grey Cup for being number 1 in week 3 ! The only ranking that matters is who is first on the Monday after the Grey Cup !

this has got to be the dumbest most retarded way of figuring out Weekly Rankings!

first and foremost. Wins outrank Statistics!! :roll:

Because clearly as anyone knows Statistics ARE FOR LOSERS!

Wins are what matter here.

you guys are morons with your dumb rankings.

I don't care about power rankings either and I also agree that power rankings have nothing to do with the outcome of the season. What I do care about is the publishing of a computer-generated list with no apparent intervention by human intellect. The rankings are obviously so unhinged from reality they should no longer be published.

Jamie from the CFL writes the exuse is that if you wanted to rank the CFL teams by wins, "go to the standings"

:roll: :roll:

someone truly dropped the ball on this one!

Their model is definitely skewed. I would have been happy if we had at least stayed where we were. As much as I hate to admit it the Riders are clearly the best team all around right now. Ouch! Chocking is not fun. So much for their rankings.

0-2 edmonton higher than the als, argos and ticats??? rankings are almost - ALMOST - as bad as the turkeyrankings.

Yeah, this weeks rankings leave a heck of a lost to be desired. I took a look at CBCs rankings yesterday and while their spread didn't agree 100% with mine it left me confident in the belief that, as things stood right now, Saskatchewan was definetely on top and Hamilton/Edmonton were on the bottom. Apparently not though! CFL needs to rework its number spread because this one week for them is grossly off.

Turkey's rankings make sense... and the site's rankings don't... so I would say turkey's are far better than what the league can come up with...

Don't hold back man. Tell us how you really feel! :?

I actualy quite enjoy Turkey's rankings. :thup:

I think it's cool to finally get some power rankings based on facts for a change. It's just one more tool for me to play sports action lotto a little better.
You guys are just being emotional. Plus it's great that my Eskimos are at 5 after losing their first two games. :rockin:

but they are not using the most pertinent facts there are.. WINS AND LOSSES... its funny I posted a comment on facebook, and it got deleted! Mr. Stein seems to be a little sensitive... the sad fact is you could pick teams out of a hat and come up with better power rankings.. the rankings are only used to spark debate... other than that, they are totally meaningless.

Eventually the rankings should even themselves out to normality after their enough data compiled to really separate the good from the bad (I hope). Until then it looks like my original theory of a keg and a hat will stand true.

it’s just a stupid idea… don’t know why they ever thought of this…

Pretty sure Dust explained why... :smiley:

who cares about the power rankings. they dont matter at all. everyone complaining.. man, get a grip. seriously its week 2.. going on week 3.. if u use the formula they use.. IT WORKS.

fact is tho, power rankings dont matter to anyone, dont matter to the coaches, players.. etc.

altho i do find it funny that rider fans seem to be most peaced off.

They use an old Lotto 649 machine and balls with each team's logo. I thought everyone knew that. The NHL uses the same technique.

Of course the rankings mean nothing, but it should still mean something to do it right. The CFL is getting thousands of new viewers through the NFL network and I would bet alot of them end up on this site to learn more about the league. What a joke they must think seeing WPG lose to the Argos and then being vaulted into the #1 spot. Just saying.

Power Rankings are pointless anyway.
Having said that if you read the way they do it, it's obvious as to why teams are rated where they are.
I'm not sure why they selected the particular stats to compile the rankings but it's not intended to be like a standard power ranking. They tried to make as unbiased as possible, by removing anything subjective.