new CFL .ca format

this looks impressive :smiley: i like it :mrgreen:

very nice indeed!

I couldn't load the forum earlier. Now I know why!

i like the home page, but i can't stand the look of this forum. i'll get used to it i'm sure

Actually I said them same thing when they changed the huddle to version 1 After a few days I liked it

It will take a few days to adjust, but overall, it's very nice. It's great to have more Ti-Cat fans here.

i love it it looks fantastic

its really nice it will take a while to get used to lol


It looks fantastic, but it will take a few days to get used to. Anytime something is new and different, it takes a little time to feel comfortable with it.

..really is a big improvement....i'm sure it will be just a matter of time till i familiarize myself with the site...ol dog new tricks you know....great new look... 8) :arrow:

Looks good, very streamlined.

they added some dividin lines and now i really like the new look. A+

Yes, another excellent improvement.


Well, it's improving as far as layout quite nicely.

And thank God, the non-CFL stuff is no longer cluttering up main forum.