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Coming out in the next few weeks - a new tome by the immortal Fred Flinstone imitator Don Jonas; co-written by the same ghost writer (Roy Rozmus) who penned the Kenny Ploen biography a few years back. Same format, just different photographs and words. Jonas only played with the bombers for a couple years but made quite an impact on the local sports community, joining a curling club and drinking sissyboy writers like Jack Matheson, Doc Blanchard and Vic Grant under the table at the fame Granite Curling Club. I’ll never forgot how I staked Jonas to a 21-7 1/2 time lead in the 1972 western final (in Winnipeg) and then how the Jim Spavital coached bombers totally fell apart in the 2nd half and Ron Lancaster led a 23 uprising on foreign soil, eventually forcing the winning point on a rouge last play of the game. Jonas played well - but suddenly went sour in the second half despite some magnificent weapons (Mack Heron, Jim Thorpe, etc.)

The Ratriders eventually succumbed to a young American rookie QB in the Grey Cup, Chuck Ealey the QB’s name from Hamilton. Hammy still had weapons like Garney Henley (a two way guy if there ever was). Can’t remember if Angelina Mosca was still playing. If he was, probably at the end of his rope.

Other book by a guy who played guard for some pretty good bomber teams.The above average Canadian guard’s name was Lyle Bauer - eventually morphing into an egomaniac GM who the bomber board of directors begged to come back after the Jeff Reinbold era nearly shuttered the team. Lord Lyle Bauer was a CFL all-star a couple of times, mostly a decent guard but his skills as a GM were confined to forcing local businessmen to accept 5 cents on the dollar from a near-bankrupt bomber organization. Lyle did some sleazy things during his tenure - including the infamous calling out of an inquisitive fan (yours truly), the firing of a sickly Dave Ritchie (Lord Lyle fired this guy while he was in hospital) and replacing the quixotic Ritchie (a winner btw) with a guy named Maggot Kelly (inspired by Telly Savalas’s great performance as Maggot in the movie Dirty Dozen) who ended up on a police blotter in Philly with Bauer also packing his bags as word spread about Kelly’s incarceration.

Neither of these tomes will be anything more than regional best-sellers (500 copies is a best-seller in Manitoba). I suspect Jonas, who’s nearly a half-century removed from the CFL will sell a couple hundred more books than the Lord. Neither book will rocket off shelves in places like Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton or Nunavut. Suspect most copies will be sent to libraries and sports-writers.

Always thought Jonas would have made a great coach if he so desired. But he didn’t. Also played in the Continental Football league with fellow CFL’r Tom Wilkinson - also played in Toronto (under Cahill) and Hamilton.

Bauer had an above average career as a non-import o-lineman. But his tenure as a CFL GM and CEO were marked by lies, deceit, misrepresentations and mostly bad teams. Bauer is 5 or 6 years removed from the CFL - 8 or 9 with the bombers and can no longer find work at the pro level.

Do you actually think that there might be 500 book readers in all of Manitoba?

As for the 1972 season, the Bombers "were" my favourite Western team in the '70's (never could stand the Riders or Stamps) with Mini Mack as my favourite player. Was saddened when they didn't make it to the Grey Cup that year but then again I got to watch my 'Cats beat the Greenies at home for the Cup. As for Mosca, that was his last season in Hamilton. He was absolutely useless in his final year, just going through the motions. I remember watching him say in an interview that coach Jerry Williams wanted to cut him in the early part of the season but that he pleaded with Williams to let him play out his final season in the Hammer. He was last seen lifting the Cup along with Henley in front of the adoring fans in the South stands of Ivor Wynne Stadium.

Winnipeg Blue Bomber Alumni
September 29 at 7:51pm ·
Blue Bomber Alumnus Don Jonas (QB, 1971-74) is returning to the 'Peg next week to celebrate the launch of the new book "The Jonas Era", now on sale at McNally Robinson Booksellers and Coles (City Place) and coming soon to The Bomber Store and online.
Friends and fans are invited to meet the first #BlueBomber to win the CFL Most Outstanding Player Award, chat football with Don and the book's co-authors Scott Taylor and Roy Rosmus, and be one of the first to own an autographed copy. Join Don, Scott and Roy on October 4th, 6-8pm at Silver Heights Restaurant & Lounge.

Ever think you might be taken more seriously if you didn’t call everyone you talk about by some childish school yard nickname? ::slight_smile:

Don Jonas, there's a CFL name for sure. My best writer is Frank Cosentino as far as CFL goes albeit Frank was an average player but intelligence away from the field, no better in my books talking about the CFL:

"Frank Cosentino also announced his retirement from football after being offered the head coaching job at along with a position on the teaching faculty at the University of Western Ontario. It was an opportunity he could not turn down. Leo would have to find another quarterback to backup Tom Wilkinson.

He dipped into his bag of tricks and signed Don Jonas, the no. 1 ranked quarterback in the Continental Football League." ...

A Slip Into the Rain: A True Story of the 1967-72 Toronto Argonauts and the Fumble that Destroyed Canada's Team

That's another thing I love about the CFL, er Canadian football actually, all the hockey books you want and Blue Jays and Expos stuff, easy to find info on, but real CFL history and Canadian football history not so easy to find and not as many interested, for the more discriminate scholars and minds looking into Canada's sporting history. A true treasure of Canada's history.

IMO, the best QB to never win a CFL Championship.

One of the best CFL QB's ever .

Was able to get some autographs at the book launch event near Polo Park today.

I'm excited about the announcement that this is going to be a series, Roy has at least three more books in the works. Particularly the volume chronicling the early years, can't wait for that one.

Best non-bomber books available:

  1. 3rd & Long - Willie Thomas
  2. Dirty 30 - Jim Young
  3. Plastic Orgasm - Laverne Barnes
  4. Pigskin Poet - Dick Thornton
  5. Leo Cahill's Book of the Mouth club
  6. Anything by Earl's favourite guy - F. Cosentino
  7. That BC GM's book
  8. Matt Dunigan book w/ 2 covers
  9. Book on the Black quarterbacks by John Danakas
  10. Robo-Kicker by that Sask'n kicking machine
  11. Dynamite Kid - by Gerry James (had to get at least one bomber in there)

The Matt Dunigan book is called "Goin' Deep", FYI. :wink: