New CFL Blog at

Hello fellow CFL nuts. If you're into the CFL as much as I am I think you'll enjoy the content you'll see at CFL HQ. Please check it out at Our goal is to be your headquarters for analysis, opinion and knowledge of Canadian professional football.

Be sure to check out the Articles section where there are a few interesting pieces about the history of the league and the game. The Resources section includes reference info as well as pages to help you follow all of the personell movement this off-season.

We encourage you to participate in the polls and our comments feature is set up so that you can not only comment on the posts, but also respond to others comments and have the site notify you if someone responds to your comments. You can also rate others comments. :thup: :thdn: And the site supports gravitars. If you sign-up via email, facebook or twitter you will automatically receive notice of any new posts.

We will be posting year round, not just during the football season, so we hope to see you there!

I will check it out once and a while, but will stick to this forum as it gets tones of traffic so keep us update. Thanks should fire MRX and hire those guys to run this site.... They do a much more professional job and it appeals to younger people for sure.

OHCH :expressionless:

by Bombs Away » Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:18 pm

After your previous above comments about drinking and driving and racism, your comments now worth nothing !! So stop talking !!

Good luck with that LOL !

I found this source of CFL news just great.In addition this site provides easy access to other football info producers.

If you've ever had an arguement about who invented football or if the CFL ball is bigger than the NFL ball I would encourage you to go to the Articles button on the menu bar and click on either article. You may be surprised.

The more interest in the CFL the better.