New CFL apparel

With Adidas taking over as the apparel provider for the CFL this upcoming season, has anyone heard if there'll be a complete overhaul of CFL uniforms?

I've heard that uniforms will stay the same, with the exception of adidas logos in place of reebok and a new CFL logo

Supposedly, the decision on whether they want to change their uniforms or not is up to the teams themselves. As far as I know, only BC is rumored to be making a complete overhaul.

Whatever they do, I hope the luv affair with gold/yellow jerseys is over. I think this guy was in charge of some of the jersey changes in recent years:

The uniforms will be sponsored by Adidas and Reebok this year. However Puma and Nike also offer their best for the uniform kit but luckily Adidas has been selected for the CFL uniforms. I personally like Adidas as it is not only a brand but a trust that everyone can do and own easily. This is not about how anyone can own it, it is about how classy one can be looking after having Adidas.

Lions need more than a laundry overhaul. :cry: