New CFL Adidas Uniforms available in May

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.@paulosenra, #CFL's Director of Communications, confirms that NEW CFL uniforms by Adidas to be available in May.

Any news of when we'll get a look at them?

I hope they really modernise the uniforms.

Tor, ham and edm's Jerseys have the same base design that is only altered by the team colours.

Take it towards making the signature series a lot more prominent (except ssk... ew) and really create major differences between uniforms so that they all stand out but still reflect each team's heritage.

I'm probably asking for too much

I would not expect much. Reebok was purchased and re-oriented by Adidas as a "leisure/lifestyle" brand. We are talking more about rebadging than anything else here.

Some of the Signature uniforms were OK, and a couple were actually quite good. But as a Ticat fan, I really hope that ours quietly disappears. While it was an OK jersey, it wasn't what I want to see my team in all the time. Call me old school, but I like the black and gold (OK, yellow) jersey that the team's been wearing for the last 50+ years. Grey has never been and should never be a Ticat colour.

I wouldn't expect any changes, possibly some new third uniforms but as of right now I don't think the league needs new uniforms at all. I love the most recent series of thirds they put out, and each team's fan base seems to be happy with them aside from maybe the Riders, but I personally like the Wheat uniforms myself.

Only team who needs an overhaul is the Riders really, the whole white piping and tramp stamp never worked IMO. A positive is the Bombers are going royal blue full-time which makes me want to watch every Bombers home game, I can't get enough of them.

The league looks great right now, and I'd be royally pissed off if the Ti-Cats changed their current unis, they're as close to perfect as you can get nowadays ... aside from a stripe on the helmet, my only gripe.

One last random thought, I think the new CFL logo may look a bit silly on the collar of jerseys but I am hoping it's just an adjustment period and before we know the logo just is there and no longer mentioned as the "new" logo or look out of place.

Those signature uniforms didn't sell and were not popular at all.
The Lion's gun metal uniform and the Riders' version were the only ones that sold in decent numbers.

Just out of curiosity do you have the numbers? Seems like Hamilton's third sold a decent amount, I see a lot of them around town and at games it seems. Also looked like by an eyeball test seems like Ottawa's reds are pretty popular.

Also the CFL is pretty consistent in bringing out new thirds every couple seasons. Usually they're retros or they were for a stretch, they went outside the box with this last set, personally I agree with BayArgo that uniforms that reflect the team's heritage seem to always be a hit with fans, I'd like them to go back to that. I'd expect next season to be a another huge third uniform unveiling for every team.

Just wanted to correct myself, I forgot about the Argos and Bombers thirds, I was not a big fan of those at all.

I see a good number of the "Outlaw" Stampeders thirds around on game days. I have one.

I'm in the minority I guess in that I liked quite a few of the third jerseys. I even bought a Hamilton one. The only big thing I wasn't a fan of was the hockey style logos on the chest, and I didn't even mind it on the Argos.

I'm undecided between wanting new exciting jerseys, and REALLY liking Hamilton's current black and gold one which is pretty much perfect. So bring on a new third I guess :rockin:

I like the Argonauts signature series jersey. It's a football jersey that actually looks good without numbers on it.

I would expect some changes. Not major. I say that because when they said they would be available in May, that suggests there will be some changes. If they were the same, there would be no point in announcing it.

I am in the minority on the Outlaw jerseys. Everyone thinks they are cool.

I hate them with a passion. Hope they are gone.

Adidas did the combine uni's

Well, yikes that seems a little aggressive. Please don't passionately punch me in the face at McMahon this season. I'll be wearing the already outdated Outlaw Cornish Jersey, section M.

My opinions about CFL unis have kind of changed over the years, but for now I’ll rank them like this (most liked to least liked):

  1. Redblacks. What’s not to like? A buzz saw. Bad-ass. Black and red are Ottawa valley through and through (Admittedly, I’m biased, having lived in Ottawa for 8 years in the '70s and '80s. Go Ravens).

  2. Blue Bombers. I like blue and gold together. It looks like a football uniform should look. The colours are rich and sophisticated. Very likeable. Makes me want to salute the air force.

  3. Stampeders. Basic red and white. Very effective. The galloping horse logo is unique and highly recognizable. I’m okay with their signature uni, though it does seem like an affectation of Ottawa’s. I’d wear a Stampeders galloping
    horse (red and white) t-shirt, with black pants of course.

  4. Ti-Cats. I have a soft spot for bumble bees. I sometimes fantasize about a new Hamilton logo, but I usually wake up in a cold sweat. They look cute when they try to look bad. I half expect them to show up with leather helmets and hand out jars of honey. They should probably never change.

  1. Roughriders. Not the worst, and better than some. The S logos, all of 'em, are pretty effective brands, and they’re super-recognizable on TV, but you gotta love green because that’s all you’re gonna get, and white. Not the most aesthetically appealing for me.

  2. Argos. I’ve never really like the wishy-washy look of the light blue, but when they wear that mostly dark blue home uni they look almost cool. I also like the A logo, but again, that baby-blue colour makes me feel pretty “meh.”

  3. Lions. I like the mostly black with orange letters home uni they sometimes wear. I especially like the orange paw print on the helmet, but I understand this might not be so popular with the locals. Otherwise, if I want A&W there’s one about a mile away. The traditional BC logo makes me think of the '60s for some reason. Seems kind of stale.

  4. Alouettes. Too busy for my taste. I wish they would just go back to the basics, including the winged helmet — the most awe-inspiring helmet ever painted. I loath, LOATH that ridiculous charging lark on the helmet. It’s too complicated and hard to really make out on TV, even in HD. I love the throw-back unis.

  1. Eskies. It has taken me almost my entire life to finally realize I hate green and gold. I know, I was born in Edmonton and grew up there and green and gold is supposed to be part of my DNA, but I just don’t like it. I even wear an EE t-shirt occasionally just to remind myself of much I hate those two colours together. The new style giant EE on the helmet is an improvement in my opinion, but I’d rather cheer for the Bombers and their swanky blue and gold, thanks. Can’t argue with the success of the team though.

I disagree that the Stampeder logo is unique, it is a copy of the Ford Mustang logo. And if I knew how to add a picture here I would to show the similarities.

I am understanding of others viewpoints. They look way to much like Ottawa.

It is all about $$$$$$$$ marketing sales. Myself, I am old school. I would rather see 80's retro jerseys than signatures.

Hey, that's just me. We will agree on this much.

Go Stamps Go

The only reason I didn't get the Argonauts signature Jersey was because it ridiculously over priced... I really liked them, but have elected to only buy game worn jerseys, as replicas are terrible quality and are not made the same.
Look at all of the replica jerseys in the league in comparison to the game worn.. it's astonishing to note how they diverge