New Cfl 2014 upper Deck Cards

I know these cards have been released; but I can't seem to find them here in Hamilton. Has anyone bought them and if so where did you get them and what kind of cost are they per pack of 6?? :thup:

CFLPA sells them

Have you tried ordering them online from the Upper Deck website?

They have an online store, available by clicking on Products, and then Trading Cards. It looks like a package costs $19.99 (plus tax and probably shipping), and contains the following:

On average, each box will contain 2 UD Game Jersey cards, featuring a swatch of a player’s game-worn jersey, as well as 6 Star Rookies cards, 24 Defense/Special Teams SP cards, and 8 O-Pee-Chee Retro cards. Other highlighted cards in the first-ever CFL set include Game Jersey Patch parallels (numbered to 15), SP1 and SP2 autographed chase cards featuring retired CFL legends like Doug Flutie and Warren Moon, autographed CFL Signatures cards and Grey Cup Moments cards.

I went to a local sports card, comic book, etc store, as soon as I heard they were being made. Started enquiring about them regularly. They brought in two cases. I'm trying to get complete sets for all four of my grandsons ... then maybe see if I can get some autographed. Gonna give them to them for Christmas! :rockin:

They were originally delayed, but came out Oct 8, 2014. Good Hunting everyone!


P.S. I bought a box at a time $80/box. 24 packages per box = $3.33 per pack. (prices do not include Taxes, in my case GST, others would have to add PST, HST, etc as well)

I literally spent 3 hours of my entire life in Hamilton and managed to find that years CFL cards(2011). Mindya it was Jogo cards and not fancy American ones. I bought them at the CFL HOF. Probably one of the most depressing days of my life. The CFL HOF has about as much glamour as the grand reopening of Pundeep's Butter Chicken Shack ,after its 6th violation for health and safety violations.

I have never been there, but from all accounts you're right. Sadly, the HOF is in a terrible location and doesn't get much love. Hopefully the new commissioner will address this and find a more suitable location where it can get more tourist foot traffic, such as downtown Toronto where it's badly needed. I'm sorry if this is an insult to Hamilton fans, of which I'm one, but the HOF just isn't getting much support in that city. A travelling exhibit is also needed, but that would require a corporate sponsor I think.

At the CFLPA site the cost is $74.99 + taxes + ( to BC ) shipping of $21 for a total of approx $107 CND

On ebay from an upperdeck authorized seller the total bill with shipping and taxes was $99.74 CND

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The ebay item is not mine nor is it anyone I know - it was simply what showed up when I googled the item


The girl told me it gets 7 visits a day and touring the Grey Cup was the only thing that kept it alive... There was boxes of old film in the hallway holding open doors.. The busks are displayed on miniture golf green carpet.. You really should go, just to have a laugh.. None of the displays work and the posters hanging are all ripped .. It would be sad if it wasnt so funny. The girl told me that if the stadium was at West Harbour that it would have been moved.. Apparently, the Ivor wynn/ tim Hortons site is already too small and there is no room for it.. If I won the lottery, Id buy 4 houses across the street from the stadium..tear them down and then set up a non profit and thus would hopfully get some bylaws changed and set the HOF there.

The new Upper Deck cards are quite good, but -- fair warning -- it's tough to put an entire 180 card set together. It takes about five boxes of cards to get all of the short-printed defence cards (50) and even shorter-printed rookies (30). If you just want the base set, and no autographs or jersey cards, then it would be cheaper to buy one ready made from a collector on eBay or at your local card store.

On that note, any card store in town that normally carries Upper Deck cards should be able to order them for you, and a store won't charge you the shipping and dollar-conversion costs. Buy local! My card shop in St Catharines had them in three days.

The price for a box of 24 packs should be between C$70.00 and C$80.00, plus tax.
The value of a complete set hasn't been established yet. With the short prints, it will likely be over $80.00.