NEW CBA agreements

Lots of info on here. Many things actually make sense, such as pro-rating all performance goals and performance bonuses. Andrew 'Cheatz" Harris will like Paragraph 14 especially:


Is this the first time they've mentioned a potential change to the playoff format??

The CFL has the discretion to add two teams to the playoff formula if they choose at the agreed upon salary in the collective agreement (i.e. no bye, division leaders would play an opponent.)

I assume the league will wait to see if TOR is going to make the playoffs under the existing formula, and if not, they will change the rules.


This is also interesting:
CFL follows NFL sets 85 percent vaccine threshold, teams face forfeits and players lost wages

If too many of your teammates are unvaccinated, it could cost you both in the win column and the bank account. Seems like it could be an effective way to generate peer pressure.

I wonder if we are one of the three teams to meet the 85% threshold?