New Cat Gibson's priorities are to score and have fun ... wh

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great Read…


I didn't think so.

I thought it was just more blah, blah, blah, talking the talk yet again. (But I expected nothing more)

I'll wait unitl they can walk the walk.

Not much in that article for me.

It does give some hints on how the off-season running game issues and player priorities may be handled, however.

Again, really?

I don't think any priorities have changed.

The article addresses the same old offensive weaknesses that have been discussed here ad nauseum.

Casey's perfornmace
Lack of a pass attack
Lack of pass protection
High turnover rate.
Lack of a game breaking, speed burning receiver
etc. etc.

The Good Captain is correct.

Editor: “Hey Kenny, we need some filler”

Kenny: “Comin’ right up…I can have it done in 4 minutes.”

One good thing is it keeps the Cats in the news.

I especially liked his assessment of Casey Printers... being uncomfortable in the schemes provided. I always believed that for the last few years, the OCs were trying to make players fit their system rather than play to their strengths. (goes a long way to explaining why players who failed here, went on to star on other teams... flick, etc...) Gibson's philosophy is a welcome change.

So Gibson is the opinion that his new HC , Bellefeuille, did not how how to best utilize Casey's abilitites and talents.

Casey's last chance.

Sure the article was filler, but it rings of the truth.

Systems can make a BIG difference. Eg. look at the Als Offense 2208 vs the 2009 offense. Look at AC 2008 vs. AC 2009, same QB diiferent results.

Gibson was echoing what MB said the day he took over from Taaffe (and what Casey said himself).
Casey never liked or got used to the old system and poor protection just added to it.
MB changed things up when he took over but never really got a chance to see what Casey could do under a diff./better system due to injury then he stuck with Porter's hot hand.

No matter what offensive scheme you put in place, you can't have your QB eye 1 guy for the entire play and throw to him.

Casey is smarter than this.

The system we have in Hamilton should fit him perfectly. He's a running QB but he also threw for 5,000 yards. Casey can sit back and throw the football, if no one is open, then he can take off. Yes, I know that our oline is terrible but how is it that Quinton Porter comes in and moves the ball with the same oline?

It's about the quick release. Casey reminds me of Byron Leftwich. Byron was a good QB but had a big wind up. Behind a great oline, he was good, behind a soso line, he wasn't good. David Gerard had a quick release and utilized the same oline as Byron. Sure the Jags were good last year but not this year but they have gone with the right QB. Leftwich bounced around and is now a back up in Pittsburgh.

I was very excited when CP came here. I thought he was a good QB and that he could make plays happen just like when he was in BC. I have been very disappointed in his play over the last 1.5 years.

He is overpaid and underperforming. We cut him now, we can get 2 olinemen and 2 dlinemen with his salary.

I hope Gibson lives up to his promises. I want to see us move the ball and score lots of points. I just don't know if we can do it with Casey Printers.

In free agency there's no such thing as "overpaid". The free market dictates what price. If Bob didnt pay it someone else , gladly, would have. (MTL almost did). Sure his contract didnt meet his output but you have to surround him with better talent to allow a player like Printers to reach full potential.

For the almost the entire year he had a system he hated and was either flat on his back, running for his life, getting hurt as result and having rookie receivers drop the ball. Most, if not all, of his unforced errors were a result of him trying to make things happen single -handedly. He could have moped, mailed it in and hid on the bench (like Cavillo) but he didn't . He was front and centre.

Blaming Printers is ignorant and short-sighted. And fans wonder why ex players excell elsewhere? its because you have to give them a supporting cast an not panic and demand they be cut or traded if they're not an immediate success which is exactly how Printers will help someone else and haunt Ham.

Why does Porter come in, with the EXACT same offense and offensive line and can move the ball? It's not ignorant or short sigthed. Printers is the highest paid qb in the league and everyone know sees that he is overpaid.

I am beginning to get frustrated with Casey Printers backers. Their guy can do no wrong. I was happy to get CP here. I thought he was going to be good, when the oline was pourous and he was getting hurt, I too was under the same opinion that a good oline and it will fix all of the problems.

Porter comes in and looks better than Casey. He moves the team. We actually get out of 2nd and long. He has a quick release, he can run, he doesn't have tunnel vision.

We overpaid for Printers so he could come here. If he would have led us to the playoffs last year then I wouldn't say he's overpaid. He has underperformed and has shown no signs of improvement. I thought a full training camp under his belt would have solved his problems but it didn't work out that way.

Sometimes in this business you just have to cut your losses and move on. Casey is a good QB or at least was a good QB. For him to succeed, he needs to be in the right situation. He's not a player who can play on any team and lead them to victory. He's no Barry Sanders.

Calvillo didn't hang on the bench. He went to be with his wife that had cancer. A little bit more important than football. Even though the Als fell last year, they still made the playoffs.

But Porter didnt win either and was never saddled with an ill-suited system that Printers had for almost all of his starts

Why didnt Porter win more? because he was plagued by the same things Printers was and thats a lack of protection and a consistent supporting cast . Fortunately for Porter the receiving corps. came on towards then end (whilst Printers was injured).

Give Printers an honest chance to succeed give him a system with protection then we'll all add arm-chair accountant to arm-chair QB, arm-chair coach, arm-chair GM .......

I agree that we never really got a chance to see what Casey could do, but I still don't get this "Marcel changed things up" business.

Marcel was the OC from the beginning of the season. How can he not be held responsible for implementing a system that wasn't suited to the starting QB? I've heard the line about Marcel recognizing Porter's ability early in the season, but it sounds to me like Marcel was guilty of the "force the player to fit my system" syndrome re: Printers. It sounds to me like Marcel put a system in place that wasn't well suited to his starting QB. That could be a reason why Marcel liked Porter so much: he saw Porter as a more natural fit for the system he wanted to run.

Just look at how much Montreal's offense improved after Marcel left. Look at how much better Calvillo played after Marcel was gone.

Maybe Porter will be the answer, but I think it's way premature to make that conclusion based only on what we saw last year.

I'm disappointed and frustrated with Casey's performance here as well. But I think he deserves his "final shot" in open competition with the other QBs under Gibson's system. If he wins the job but then the team starts out 0-4, then maybe I'll grab my torch and pitchfork and get in line. :wink:

Calvillo was injured, then left the team to be with his wife, who had cancer. He did not mope or 'mail' anything in, nor did he hide on the bench. Trash your own QBs all you want, but at least have the decency to check your facts before you slag players on other teams.

Compared to what Taaffe implemented it was an airshow after MB took over. Dont have the exact quote but MB said something about the offense being too "conservative" the day he took over as HC-alot more passing after that.

That was 2007 . He's been in the league 14 years ? and when things go bad (which isnt that often) he sulks, with a gormless look on his face, mopes, sits on the bench usually with towel over head.

Seen it here, on TV and most recently when they lost the GC (again).

Good QB but that's what he does.

Lets play a game.

QB 1 vs QB 2 and you pick who should be the team QB

QB 1 had 10 TD and 4 INT, makes an entry level contract, had a QB rating of 102.3 in 177 passing attempts

QB 2 had 5 TD and 10 INT, is the highest paid player in the CFL, had a QB rating of 68.8 in 223 passing attempts. That QB rating is up from 2007 passer rating of 58.9.

QB 1 is younger, was a raw CFL rookie and is sure to get better.
QB 2 is a CFL veteran and has probably peaked.

QB 1 was chosen by the teams interm HC to be the starter last season.
Interm HC is now full time.
Does he stick with his guy, or bench him for the older more expensive less productive guy?

As an earlier poster mentioned I too was thrilled when the team picked up Printers.
I too believe that Printers will be better than he has shown in Hamilton.
Casey's big contract is what will cost him an opportunity in Hamilton.
In the CFL and with a salary cap if you have 2 guys who can do the job you keep the cheaper younger guy.
This is the scenario x 10 with the dollars involved.
If Porter is even close to Printers in productivity you can take the extra dollars and add 2 all stars.
So if it was explained
Porter starts and we add two all stars with big salaries
Printers starts and we add nobody what would the call be?

This is the decision Obie is faced with.
I know what I would do.

hendy and the cap'n:
to be fair to kenny.......this is the first time I have seen Mike Gibson address his new job in detail since he was hired. I thought they would have had a newser with him the day his hiring was announced but all we got was a standard PR release. So I was glad to read some of this thoughts.
He makes sense to me and also left me wondering why we have waited this long to acknowledge the obvious. I think Marcel tried to become more aggressive at the end of the season so its good to see that the new OC is fired up with the same approach.
The thing that worries me about Ken Peters' column is that it looks like we are in for another season of that tired old cliche "bengal bunker". :cry:

Makes sense if Porter is a given but he isnt (yet).

You could fill a book on QBs that looked great at first only to be shown otherwise once D-coordinators got sufficient video on them. Classic case was Ryan Dinwiddie. At one time Bummer fans were heralding him as the future.( I'm not going to include Brady or Eakin because Porter has actually done something).

If Porter isnt the real deal but you've already panicked and dumped Printers then who's left?, Tafralis? Far too soon for such a big decision.