New Cannons: Bombers testing QBs Josh Jones, Tyrell Pigrome

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are not looking to slow down.

After three straight Grey Cup appearances (and winning two titles), the Bombers continue to fire on all cylinders as they soar through training camp action.

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As an eternal optimist (Optimism: the first step towards disappointment) I’m extremely stoked for the season’s start.
Most rookie QB’s however, come and go with little fanfare. I’ll reserve my anticipation for greatness until a little later in their careers.
Hoping for the best for either or both of them. Good luck, fellas!


I haven’t seen or heard much of Dakota Prukop since he signed with the New Jersey Generals. If he doesn’t get any significant playing time in the USFL maybe we’ll see him back with the Bombers this summer. He was a terrific 3rd down specialist.


Agreed, and he also played well when he was left in after the usually successful (95% or better) necessary short yardage was gained.
Almost as impressive as our fur coat guy.
Oops…maybe I shouldn’t have brought that up.


Bombers should scoop up QB Levi Lewis, asap. jmho.

Unfortunatley seems to be one of those things that is hard to do in the CFL, hanging onto 2nd string QB’s. Prukop may have been looking for more playing time though. He came to Winnipeg from Edmonton where he filled the same role so he has been at it a while.

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