New Canadian teams joining the NFL

I've been lookin' up and hearin' on sports shows that they're planning on making 2 NFL teams in Canada in the next couple of years.

One in Toronto and one in Vancouver.

Do you believe this will actually happen? Do you believe this is a good move for the entertainment business? How do you think this will effect the CFL or NFL?

The answer to your first question is "no", which takes care of the other two.

Honestly, I dont think Canadians will support the NFL. Look at the NBA and how long it lasted in Vancouver. Yes there are alot of Canadians that do follow NFL and there is no doubt that some people will actually pay to see NFL in Canada.
But regardless of how many Canadians will support NFL in Canada , it simply will not be enough to keep the teams here.
2 reasons in my oppinion are:

  1. Unlike CFL which is affordable football, NFL is a mulit Billion dollar product that Canadians simply can not afford. Even though we do have some money, our money is split between other products such as hockey, nightclubs, and other forms of entertainment. I simply do not think NFL will survive in Canada.
    The second reason why NFL wont survive is because we are more down to earth when it comes to spending our money. In the US, they are so patriotic that every man, woman, cat, and dog will show up for a grade school football tournament while in Canada some people are pro football while some people could not care less about football.

Barons you have one problem, no NFL team can die.

It is near impossible for a NFL team to fold or even really to lose money.

they get what 100M from their TV deals, so an expansion team should only have 60-70M in player salaries(of the 100M cap) meaning alot of their expenses are covered.
There needs to be money made from game days, and I doubt attendence would be high enough to fit NFL standards on a game to game basis. but with the Revenue the NFL makes there is no doubt the teams would last.

But why would the NFL expand to canada? the NFL should not go past 32 teams(their current number correct?) If they do go past it, they need like 8 teams(1 per division)

The NFL already has too many teams for a football league IMO.
Not that they aren't making money, but that you barely see non-divisional opponents.

Why would they expand to Canada? The NFL makes most of it's money from television revenue and Canadian teams couldn't contribute that much simply because of our size and the fact we're not nearly as hardcore football as America is.

Even if 10% of Canadians tuned in, that's a drop in the bucket compared to the the American teams can bring in. They wouldn't get 10% of the market anyways...

They do get likely 10% for the Superbowl atleast.
the thing is the amount of Football fans in Canada wouldn't really grow.

There already is 5M football fans in canada, 10% of the canadian pop is 3.2M ish.
so they might get 3.2M, compared to in the states with a team your limited you are looking at the local area.

Now if you compare 1 City vs. another City. Toronto is the 5th largest North American City.
So if your looking for ratings, there is no way Toronto or Vancouver if Drawing 10% of their pop would get lower Ratings then say Green bay, if your only looking at the pop of Cities.
Both Vancouver and Toronto are in the top 32 Cities of North America(population wise)(Montreal too)
so looking at those Cities in terms of population makes sense no?

Why would people Tune in to Watch Jacksonville vs. Green bay?
Nashville vs. Buffalo?
Kansas City vs. Carolina?

those aren't huge population wise.

New york vs. Toronto however is two of the largest Cities by population.

Or Detroit vs. Chicago

Any of:
Detroit, Chicago, Toronto, Philly, New York, LA, Miami, Dallas. Just going by Pop should equal huge ratings.

I don't think they will get huge support in canada, but the NFL looking at canada has got to see alot of potential, 30-32M people, that is enough pop to support say.. 4 NFL teams.
Starting off with 1 in TO for them makes sense, look at the amount of money the NHL gives per year for hockey(100M$) so that is enough for atleast 1 team. and the ability to have american teams beat up on Canadian teams would be good for the NFL ratings.
BC + alberta + Ontario + Quebec.

I'm not saying it would fly, but the NFL might try to get into canada.

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Lets just say you'll see a team in LA before you see one in Toronto.
And if I had a billion dollars lying around burning a hole in my pocket, I'd opt for the Mexico City franchise ahead of any Canadian city...

The NFL may someday give Canada a whirl, but it is in no hurry to do so....

If you look at the NBA expansion into Canada, there is no pro basketball league in this country, and its puzzling to me why the NBA didnt expand into Canada a lot sooner. Even though the Vancouver franchise failed, and the Raptors a league joke for its entire existence, they look to be turning it around this year.
There is a market for basketball in Canada, unlike football, where you have an established league. I dont know how many people in Toronto or Vancouver will fork over thousands of dollars in season tickets or for luxury boxes. The NFL has tried exhibition games here , and attendance was less than stellar for those games. I agree with Arius, that Los Angeles will be next place for any NFL expansion or relocation.

Edmonton is the best football market in Canada and has the largest stadium, but NFL football would be a poor seller there. Even if they got a full $US100 million share from the U.S. TV deal, it still wouldn't make economic sense for the NFL to expand there. Any other Canadian market is a downgrade from Edmonton, from a proven fan support and facilities point of view. Of course, the NFL in Toronto would be BIG, BIG, BIG! (As long as the CBC puts in a lunatic bid for the local TV rights...and bye, bye Blue Jays!)

I dont think i am convince that the NFL has any interest in Canada.
And what does the CFL plan to do about this if it were to go thru?
The CFL cannot even get thru the ARGOs schedule without changing games due to MLB.
Are the Argos supposed to just SHARE the rogers centre?
Or will they just roll over and die?
Or does the CFL have some type of brilliant marketing plan to fend off the multi-billion competion that is the NFL?
I would like to see a team in Vegas for NFL it would make sense. To many "gaming issues" or so i hear.

What sports shows, and where are you lookin' this up?

Actually the Big O is bigger. They are expecting(hoping) to sell 70,000 seats for the 2008 Grey cup.

Regardless of stadiums, I cant see the NFL expanding to Canada anytime soon. LA and I'm sure one or two other cities want team and the NFL will take careof their own first.

I agree. There's still some cities in the USA that should have a team before any Canadian expansion is attempted. Hopefully we won't see it for a long time, but if we do, at the very least we can hope that it won't destroy the popularity of the CFL.

One thing I will add though is that with new commissioners in both leagues, it really is an excellent time for these guys to see eye to eye and help promote the game of football, period. I can see them working together for these ends in the US and Canada. So if there is any expansion north of the border, I am positive that the CFL would benefit from this financially or marketing etc. in some way at least. Which could be very positive in the least.

Pretty good analysis BB. I beleive we'll probably see a single game staged here. In fact, I may even buy a ticket to go see it. But you are right, I couldn't afford to purchase season tickets at the NFL Price.

LA (And a few more bigger US Cities...Orlando?) and Mexico will come before Canada.

Just to let you know

I paid $490 for the whole season for Toronto Argos, 55 yard line center 20 rows up.

Same seats for Buffalo Bills Game, i cannot find middle sections (sold out). but 1 game Vs Atlanta 50 yard line is $1285 Per Ticket So imagine what season ticket price would be.

Whats more affordable, My $490 for 10 games :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that the Reg price or a scalper?

Huh?? The most expensive ticket in Buffalo for the 2007 season is $70.