New Canadian Football Website!

Here on CFL Forums is be the best place to announce the launch of a new website dedicated to the Canadian Football League that can be found @ . I currently have a few short posts on the site, but will be updating more frequently as the CFL season approaches. In my opinion there is a void in the amount of blogging in regards to the CFL, and I want to bring together a small staff of writers to combine together to create a must-read website for CFL fans. By having multiple writers, not only will different perspectives be told but also updates will be more consistent, providing better service for readers. A big part of what I want to do other than authorscwriting columns is to also provide an interactive webspace to promote live-blogging of games through and having a running tally of game predictions by all staff writers. Options will always be open for new writers, and I really want to make this a ‘for the fans, BY the fans’. With that being said, I’d like to thank you for your time and invite you all to take a look at the website and decide what kind of role you’d like to play (whether it be a staff writer, an active commentor/reader, or silent reader).


No offence Tony but between here and 13thman and teams’ websites, well, not sure but all the best to your site.

Certainly liked your highlight collection.

thanks :slight_smile: . I definitely want to do more stuff like that considering the great job the CFL does in putting highlights up on YouTube. It's one of those where I know I'm not knowledgeable enough about the league to really educate a lot of readers, and I'm not connected enough to break news about stuff, so really I just want to do stuff like that to entertain people :smiley:

good luck on the site.

it's going to be tough to beat the team sites though.

Here's a big, BIG tip. Make sure you update your site 3 or 4 times per day. That's what draws me to the Ticats site for example. It gets updated every day, multiple times.

damn, i thought this was the announcement of the long awaited update. Best of luck with your site though. I typically check out several in the run of a day for my CFL news so one more is always welcome.

I thought I had missed something too from the subject... quickly ran over and looks like the lid is still tightly fastened on the real new Canadian Football Website.


What someone needs to be working on is a CFL exclusive Iphone or Blackberry App.

I like it. Nice clean design. I'll visit there often. You should work on some reciprocal links and try and promote as much as possible.

I like it too the more the merrier. If you could you should try to do some where are they now stuff. I would try to help.